Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Zelgadys actually started as a Druid named Animorf during the early days of Vanilla.  He played somewhat casually until the Burning Crusade.  Raiding and healing have always been in his blood.  He fell in love with the Resto Shaman but transitioned to a Holy Paladin during Cataclysm.  He later reverted to Resto Shaman for the duration of Mists of Pandaria.

Zelgadys was one of the founding members of Marcus’ first guild, “Gods Among Legends.”  He was by far the most popular member of GAL and earned an Officer promotion shortly after the guild launched.  Along with Marcus, Zel helped lead GAL into Heroic Seige of Orgrimmar progression.  He stood as Marcus’ right-hand man throughout GAL’s tenure and was ecstatic to re-join Marcus when Legends Anonymous was announced.

Zelgadys is the embodiment of Legends Anonymous.  His care-free and welcoming nature has set the bar for all members to achieve.  When others get frustrated, Zelgadys is motivated.  His calming presence ensures a relaxed and helpful atmosphere.  He is also one of the most accomplished healers in LA history.  Some of Zel’s most memorable moments include his over-the-top boss kill reactions and his inability to avoid fire in raids.

Zelgadys’ contributions to the guild are too enormous to measure.  Therefore, during the Legends Anonymous Blizzcon 2015 Banquet, he was chosen to be the first inductee into the Legends Anonymous Hall of Fame.

Aside from raiding, Zelgadys enjoys engaging in in-depth discussion with guild members as well as side “attunement quests” prior to the release of new content.  Zel loves Japanese Anime and spending time with friends.

Leggie Award: Most Valuable Guildie

Favorite Class: Shaman

Favorite Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King

Favorite Raid: Icecrown Citadel

Favorite Encounter: Garrosh Hellscream

First Raid Cleared: Trial of the Crusader

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