Detroit, Michigan

Smashbox is a long-term veteran of the game.  He started at the beginning of Vanilla WoW and played a Hunter. In Burning Crusade, he joined a 10 man guild called <Natural Affinity> who he raided with throughout BC up until around Black Temple, where he joined a 25 man guild called <Apex>. Shortly after Wrath of the Lich King release while progressing through Malygos, Naxxramas, and 3 Drake Sartharion, he was promoted to raid leader. Smash stuck with Apex through a lot of WOTLK up until around Ulduar when he joined a US top 20 raiding guild <Out of Line> and raided with them through nearly all of Ulduar, and some of Trial of the Crusader. For Icecrown Citadel, the guild decided they wanted to go horde. Smashbox, not wanting to follow the guild to filthy rat-infested Orgrimmar, stayed behind in the safety of Stormwind.

Shortly after his departure from the guild, he began tanking on a Paladin for <Teh Lawl Firm> (US-Stormreaver) for Heroic ICC progression.  Smashbox then formed <Identified as Trouble> (US-Stormreaver) during ICC and switched to a Death Knight where he was the first member of the guild to craft the Legendary Weapon, Shadowmourne.  <Identified as Trouble> was one of the top guilds on Stormreaver throughout Wrath and early Cataclysm. Smash continued to run the guild throughout the majority of Cataclysm, but decided that raiding had become too much of a job and left to spend more time with his family.

Smashbox joined Legends Anonymous shortly before Warlords of Draenor launched. Within his first two weeks of joining in the guild, he sent Marcus a proposal that would transform the guild permanently. Smashbox redesigned the website from the ground up, giving Legends Anonymous the best website a guild could ever dream of. He was responsible for a massive recruitment effort which resulted in bringing in several of his previous guild members to LA.

As a former Guild Master of a very successful guild, he brought forth massive amounts of experience. He was quickly promoted to Council Member shortly after Warlords launched. He was instrumental in constructing the “Legends Loot System” and was a vital member of the DPS team during Blackrock Foundry. Smashbox retired from active raiding following Blackrock foundry. However, he continues to refine and improve the website in order to maintain its status as the best guild website in the world.

Smashbox is a professional web developer & designer, avid football fan, and loves the Detroit Lions.

Leggie Award: Best DPS

Favorite Class: Hunter

Favorite Expansion: Burning Crusade

Favorite Raid: Ulduar

Favorite Encounter: Mimiron (Firefighter)

First Raid Cleared: Molten Core

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