Hollywood, California

Serrene’s reign of destruction in Azeroth began in the middle of Wrath of the Lich King.  He resisted years of peer pressure to play because of prior MMO addictions, but eventually gave in to have something in common with his IRL friends. He played a Human Warrior in a now-defunct guild called <Recombobulators> (US-Proudmoore). At first, Serrene struggled with overwhelming nature of an MMO such as WoW.  His guildmates were nice, but the game itself did not resonate with his personality and he struggled to find a place in the World of Warcraft.  However, Serrene discovered the Hunter class which completely changed his outlook on the game.  He discovered some online resources to learn how to really play, and made it his mission in life to prove that Beast Mastery was a viable raiding spec.

Some of the highlights of Serrene’s tenure in WoW include the coveted “The Insane,” “Salty,” and “Seeker of Knowledge” titles.  The majority of Serrene’s tenure in WoW was diving into the world of competitive PvP.  He is also an avid battle pet and mount collector.  He has some of the highest amount of achievement points amongst LA members (over 20,000) and achieved an 1800 BG Rating during MoP.

Serrene was introduced into the guild in April 2015 by his long-time friend, Casstiel.  Although he was lukewarm to the idea at first, he could not resist the urge to perfect his skills within a raiding atmosphere.  As he puts it himself, “I came for the raids, I stayed for the people.”  He really enjoys Legends Anonymous due to the fact that the guild wants to clear content and overcome challenges, but not to the point where it becomes stressful or feels like a job. Serrene was quickly recognized as being one of the most intense DPSers due to his perfectionism and constant refinement of his skill.  However, Serrene also as a tendency to….well…act like a Rogue.  Some of his most infamous moments are “taking a dive” during Heroic Xhul’horac and constantly setting off bombs on Heroic Blackhand.  For his efforts, Serrene was awarded the 2015 Leggie Lifetime Achievement Award for “Standing in Fire.”

Serrene is a professional computer programmer.  His entire life revolves around math and logic.  Serrene is also a bassist for a local Southern California rock band.  He believes that his dedication to timing, precision and careful planning are key to performing at high level whether it be through music, computers, or WoW.  Each of these activities are very structured and logic-driven, but with a high degree of freedom for creative expression.

Leggie Award: Best DPS, Standing in Fire Lifetime Achievement Award

Favorite Class: Hunter

Favorite Expansion: Mists of Pandaria

Favorite Raid: Throne of Thunder

Favorite Encounter: Primordius (Honorable mention for Seigecrafter Blackfuse)

First Raid Cleared: Seige of Orgrimmar

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