Karteler entered Azeroth in 2012 during Mists of Pandaria.  He fell in love with end-game raiding in mid-2014 during Throne of Thunder.  He played on Maelstrom, Emerald Dream and Sargeras.  He joined <Omni> on Emerald Dream which later became <Apex> on Sargeras.  Karteler’s goal from Day One was to earn the coveted Loremaster achievement.  This is Karteler’s favorite achievement which he worked so very hard to complete.  Throughout his tenure as a raider, he was noted for his positive attitude, friendliness and humor.  He is always remembered as an exclusive Fire Mage, a rarity during the age of “Flavor of the Month” specs.

Karteler heard about Legends Anonymous via word of mouth.  He joined the guild mid-way through Hellfire Citadel progression and made an immediate impact on guild for his tenacity, excellent DPS and amazing attitude.  It seemed like a great fit for all.  Karteler searched for a guild that was a group of true friends doing their best to progress while not under pressure.  He continues to enjoy his stay because of the friendships he has made, especially the interactions with guild members outside of raiding.

Karteler is Computer Programmer.  He enjoys Anime and Weeaboo.

Favorite Class: Mage

Favorite Expansion: Warlords of Draenor

Favorite Raid: Highmaul

Favorite Encounter: Shadow-Lord Iskar/Xhul'horac

First Raid Cleared: Siege of Orgrimmar

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