Jabona’s journey into the World of Azeroth began during the later stages of Vanilla/TBC launch.  He played a Shadow Priest and Combat Rogue on US-Blackrock before spending the rest of his time with <VANQUISH> on US-Dalaran.  Jabona spent the majority of his time PvPing.  During this time, he has earned both RBG mounts, the Challenger Achievement, as well as “Lord of War” on his Warrior.  He is only 3,000 HKs away from the 100k HK mark.

Jabona didn’t start raiding until Wrath.  His love for raiding started with Naxx 2.0 and continued through ICC.  He has achieved every AOTC imaginable and has been pushing hardcore progression since Cataclysm.  He even achieved to Top 10 global parses on his Protection Warrior during Mythic Highmaul.

Jabona enjoys understanding and solving problems of difficult encounters but at a more relaxed paced with good friends.  He is known as one of the most accomplished PvPers to ever join Legends Anonymous.

Jabona was introduced to the guild towards the end of WoD by current members Legalos and Hamidallah.  They are all close friends from High School who are all currently attending the University of Michigan.  Jabona heard of the epic stories of LA and could not wait to join his friends.

Jabona is a huge soccer fan an avid gamer.  Jabona is near graduation from UofM and is planning on attending Grad School shortly.

Favorite Class: Priest

Favorite Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King

Favorite Raid: Icecrown Citadel

Favorite Encounter: Heroic Sindragosa

First Raid Cleared: Black Temple

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