Jersey, brah!

Granmumper began is escapade in WoW during Vanilla.  His first character was Granmumper, a Feral Druid, which remains his main to this day.  He began raiding during Blackwing Lair but only raided casually.  Gran became a full-fledged hardcore raider during the Burning Crusade with <Ryde or Die> on US-Stormreaver.  Granmumper joined <Apex> with current LA members, Smashbox, Frozenbeefalo, Weekness, and Syqlone.  <Apex> was a fixture on the US-Stormreaver raiding scene which saw Gran and his guildies conquer nearly every tier during the Burning Crusade.

Granmumper continued to raid with <Apex>, conquering the early Wrath of the Lich King Raids until around Patch 3.3.  Gran took a break from active raiding until Fall 2014.

Granmumper is one of the original members of Legends Anonymous.  He joined the guild shortly after Smashbox joined in October 2014.  Smashbox had a gut-instinct that Legends Anonymous would be their new home and quickly encouraged Gran to join.

Granmumper provides Legends Anonymous with his legendary Jersey Accent.  When asked about his accent early on, Granmumper says, “Whaddaya tawking ’bout?  I ain’t got no ax-ent?!”

He is one of the most colorful and meme-able raiders in Legends Anonymous history.  Granmumper attended Blizzcon 2015 with the guild.  He was the “class clown” at Blizzcon and is remembered for spending $23 on a cocktail at the Blizzcon Hilton Party.

Gran’s propensity for finding ways to die earned him the 2015 Leggie Award: MacGuyver Award – Most Creative Raid Deaths.

Granmumper is an avid car enthusiast and gym rat.  He can also be found on various South Jersey Golf Courses.  He also spent $70 on Olive Garden.

Leggie Award: MacGuyver Award - Most Creative Raid Deaths

Favorite Class: Druid

Favorite Expansion: The Burning Crusade

Favorite Raid: Karazhan

Favorite Encounter: O.G. Gruul

First Raid Cleared: Tier 4

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