Dr. Legend

Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Legend first stepped into the World of Warcraft in November 2008.  As a Protection Paladin, in <The Phoenix Guard> (US-Jaedenar), rising the ranks to become of the guild’s newest tanks before leaving for greener pastures.  Dr.  Legend soon joined <Champions of the Light> during which he met Quetzal, the woman who would later become his wife.  Dr. Legend and Quetzal later formed <Easily Offended>, a guild whose roots and values mirror Legends Anonymous.  During this time, Dr. Legend also raided with the top guild on US-Stormscale (Later US-Sargeras) <One O One>.  As the main tank for One O One, Dr. Legend conquered Heroic ICC.

During a hiatus which spanned Cataclysm and most of Mists of Pandaria, Dr. Legend reunited with his brother, Marcus, to launch Legends Anonymous.  Dr. Legend brings experience and humor as the Co-GM of Legends Anonymous.  His ability to communicate, rationalize and schedule off-night events have given Legends Anonymous more to look forward to besides killing bosses during raid nights.

Dr. Legend is an avid Chicago Cubs fan, Dungeons and Dragons player, and Anime Guru.  Dr. Legend is also a published author.  He released his first novel, “The Agent M Series: Project Mabus” in 2012 (available at Amazon.com).

Favorite Class: Priest

Favorite Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King

Favorite Raid: Icecrown Citadel

Favorite Encounter: The Lich King

First Raid Cleared: Naxxramas 2.0

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