Andrich jumped into World of Warcraft on Day One, playing an Orc Hunter on US-Archimonde where he raided with the guilds <Entropy> and <Undying>.  He would raid off-and-on with his Hunter until Ulduar released, which sparked an interest in Healing. After making the switch to a Resto Shaman, Andrich would go on to heal for the next five years, only switching classes once, to a Mistweaver Monk.

Andrich joined Legends Anonymous shortly before WoD launched after viewing the guild’s recruitment post.  He was intrigued by the possibility of joining a group of like-minded players that shared his passion for the game but at a pace and atmosphere that promoted community.

Andrich was also instrumental in recruitment early on in the history of the guild.  He quickly spread the word about LA to his closest friends who joined the ranks in Highmaul.  His precision, attitude and personification of the “Legends Style” of community quickly earned him a promotion to the Guild Council prior to the launch of Warlords.

Andrich is the perfect example of “leading by example.”  Andrich is clearly one of the most emotionally collected members of the guild as he is rarely rattled by the struggles of progression.  He is one of the most respected and decorated healers in Legends Anonymous history.  While he carries the “Salty” badge, he is also known for his calm character and textbook play during difficult encounters.

At the 2016 Legends Anonymous Roster Draft, Andrich elected to go back to his roots as a Shaman, albeit this time as an Enhancement Shaman with healing as a backup.

Andrich is a die-hard Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football fan and staunch supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals.  He is also a multi-instrument musician.

Leggie Award: Best Healer, Saltiest Raider

Favorite Class: Monk

Favorite Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King

Favorite Raid: Ulduar

Favorite Encounter: Yogg-Saron

First Raid Cleared: Molten Core

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