Kansas City, Missouri

Andrastie started his WoW escapade in early 2005 while attending college.  Andrastie played a Night Elf Hunter and helped run a guild called <Pwndock Saints> on US-Archimonde.  He also dabbled with a Priest while raiding in Vanilla.  He successfully cleared all of Vanilla raids after joining a top-end guild called <Ascend>.

Andrastie started his beloved Holy Paladin towards the end of Vanilla and rejoined <Pwndock Saints> during the beginning of the Burning Crusade.  Once <Pwndock Saints> dissolved, he joined <Oinland> and raided with them until the end of Mists of Pandaria.  Andrastie transferred to US-Sargeras and joined <No Ma’am Reloaded>.

Some of Andrastie’s greatest achievements include solo healing Nightbane and clearing some of the hardest raiding content during Vanilla and TBC.  His reputation as a solid and dependent healer allowed him to be a part of some of the top guilds on US-Archimonde.

Andrastie is an original member of Legends Anonymous.  He joined the guild while the group was still forming and having fun in the Seige of Orgrimmar.  He has been a fixture in the guild as one of the most competent and dependable healers in Legends Anonymous history.  His tenure in the guild spanned the entire Warlords Expansion.

Andrastie has this to say about his tenure at Legends Anonymous:

“This is the only guild where I have felt at home as I did back when I played with my college buddies.  Great group of people and have made some awesome memories both in and out of WoW.  This guild is more than just a group of gamers.”

Andrastie made the trip along with the guild to Anaheim for Blizzcon 2015.  He was awarded the “Summer’s Eve Award” for Douchiest Paladin during the 2015 Leggie Awards.

Andrastie is a hardcore gamer who enjoys both PC and console games.  He works in the computer industry and enjoys long-distance running.

Leggie Award: Douchiest Paladin

Favorite Class: Paladin

Favorite Expansion: TBC/Wrath

Favorite Raid: Blackwing Lair

Favorite Encounter: The Lich King

First Raid Cleared: Molten Core

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