Wolf Pack - Roll Out!


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Come Aug 2nd we will see how things shape up for the Wolf pack. SURPRISINGLY, shamans are in a good position right now. Lets see how they fair once the expansion launches...in that respect, see below for Tier 19 set bonus

Wow elemental got the short end of the stick when it comes to set bonus...both are passive abilities. Thats boring!
Enh shaman seem like they will be strong right out of the gate. Both their 2 & 4 piece sets contribute to big power gains. You will want to get your 4 piece set bonus as soon as possible
Im not a fan of the healing bonus sets they seem quite underwhelming. Unlike the enhance bonuses that change up your gameplay and make you feel more powerful its resto counterpart is very lack luster. You will see bonuses to single and aoe healing ...but its just not interesting gameplay. We already have a talent that can give us 2 charges of Healing stream totem on a 15sec recharge, so the 4 set seems redundant.

An improvement, would be if they increased the reduction rate to 10sec and switched it so it was tracking Healing Tide totem. Its still a shitty set bonus but at least now you have another layer of game play whereby players manage their big CD.