Guild Master
Ok guys I wanted to break down Fury and Prot for 6.0 very briefly.

The ability pruning hit Fury the hardest. You are no longer using colossus smash to help burst damage. I find that Unquenchable Thirst is the best talent to aid the Fury rotation. You basically have Bloodthirst at your will to build rage. If you have Raging blow up, use at as your priority attack while hitting Beserker rage to get that guaranteed proc.
Wild Strike when it procs or if you have enough rage.
If you're fighting a bunch of adds, build up rage with Bloodthirst and Whirlwind your butt off.
Overall Fury rotates 3 easy abilities to manage for a good amount of damage. The Fury warrior is back to being a fast-paced beserker with easy Rage-management.

Not much has really changed for Protection, even with the ability pruning.
Devastate is now your proc for an extra Shield Slam.
Revenge will still proc when you Dodge/Parry and is a must.
Overall Shield Slam > Revenge >Devastate.
Make sure to have enough rage to keep Shield Block up. If you have extra rage while your block is up, don't be afraid to spend it on shield barrier.

I find Execute for Prot warriors to be ineffective and a waste of rage.
For WoD, Shockwave will most likely be the best overall over DRoar and Storm Bolt.
Avatar is no longer as useful. Bloodbath isn't what it used to be as well.
Bladestorm seems like a good choice since most fights have adds around that need threat.

I'm finding that Fury will be an awesome DPS choice for raiding.
Protection Warriors are projected to being the best tanks in WoD in terms of utility, tools, and overall fun factor.