Transmog Contest


Guild Master
Greetings Legends!

I forgot to mention this during the guild meeting on Tuesday but it's time for another Legends Anonymous contest.

To kick off the raiding season, we will be hosting a special transmog judging event before raid next week. With new artifacts and appearances at our disposal, it's time to find and design a style that is befitting for the weapons slung across our backs and hanging off our hips.

The contest will be judged on 3-key factors
- Overall style and uniqueness
- Fitting match for artifact/weapon
- Suited for your class/spec

Fear not ladies & gents, if you transmog your artifact in something else in lieu of using the standard appearances you will not be judged lower than others. We're looking for styles that will be the envy of each and every class so make sure to wear your Tuesday best.

The winner will be chosen by myself and @Marcus and announced before raid starts. They will receive a $10 Amazon gift card for their stylish and valiant efforts.

There's still plenty of time to dress for success. Good luck everyone!