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Things you probably didn't know about Legends Anonymous:

The guild was originally slated to just be a raiding guild that met up three nights a week to do heroics. There was no website planned, no plans for a community, or meetups. Now look at us.

An estimated 120 or more unique members have raided with Legends Anonymous throughout its four year history.

Legends Anonymous' current membership spans three countries, two Canadian Provinces, and 11 U.S. States.

The most viewed video on the guild's Youtube channel involving raiding is our Heroic Blackhand 0.1% wipe, at 1,697 views.

Legends Anonymous usually ranked in the top 10-13% of all guilds, even as a strictly heroic-mode guild.

The guild's best ranks on an AOTC kill is Archimonde at World #5017, and US #1342.

The guild's best server rank on an AOTC kill is Archimonde at #82.

The guild's best server rank on ANY boss is Normal Blackhand at #42.

The longest period of time it took the guild to complete heroic progression (time from first heroic kill to AOTC) is Blackrock Foundry, at 74 days.

The guild's wipe count record is 138 on Heroic Kil'Jaeden.

The guild's wipe count record on a non-AOTC boss is Heroic Odyn, with 80 total wipes.

The boss LA has killed the least in the history of the game is Heroic Helya, who was only slain once.

The AOTC boss that we have the most total kills over is Heroic Xavius at 14 total kills.

The largest raid size the guild ever completed an AOTC kill is Gul'dan at an astonishing 28 raiders.

The smallest raid size the guild ever completed an AOTC kill is Argus the Unmaker at 15 raiders.

The average raid size for our AOTC kills is 21.

Legends Anonymous had a total of 27 players and seven healers for our infamous Normal Brackenspore kill.

The most amount of raiders alive at the end of an AOTC kill is 20, on Gul'Dan. The least amount of raiders alive at the end of an AOTC kill is 4, on Blackhand.

Legends Anonymous killed every Normal boss in Emerald Nightmare and the first 6 heroic Bosses in Emerald Nightmare with the maximum 30 raiders.

Legends Anonymous has NEVER hit a berserk timer on any boss in which every raider remained alive throughout the entire duration of the encounter.

The Classes AND Roles/specs we've always had in EVERY AOTC kill are:

Feral Druid

Shadow Priest

Ranged DPS Hunter

Holy Paladin


The only player to never change their class/role throughout LA's history (and having more than two tiers experience in the guild) is Granmumper as a Feral Druid.

Legion was the first expansion in which the guild never featured a full-time Discipline Priest. We have not had a full-time Disc Priest since Heroic Archimonde in June 2015.

Despite the guild claiming to be “cursed” (by a lack of Warlocks), the class with the least representation in AOTC progression kills along with the Warlock is the Rogue with three (Drpeek for Imperator, Serrene on Archimonde, and Effx/Tonelok on Xavius). We had a Warlock in our Xavius, Helya, and Gul'dan AOTC kills (Turkeybowler, Crimson, and Cotton).

The “Divine 9” of Warlords of Draenor (members who participated in every AOTC in WoD) are: Marcus, Dr. Legend, Andrich, Zelgadys, Phailure, Wigz, Andrastie, Granmumper, and Brighteyeez.

The “Fab Five” of Legion (members who participated in every AOTC in Legion) are: Andrich, Zelgadys, Andrastie, Lucca, and Noble.

Legends Anonymous has never had a Brewmaster Monk as a main progression tank.

The most utilized tanking class in LA history is the Blood Death Knight, which was utilized in every AOTC kill except for Blackhand and Kil'Jaeden for a total of 6.

The only guild members to to participate in every AOTC kill are Andrich and Zelgadys.

Dr. Legend is the only member in LA history to participate in an AOTC kill as a Tank, Healer, Ranged DPS, and Melee DPS. Dr. Legend earned the “Grand Slam” title by utilizing the following classes and specs:

Shadow Priest – Imperator

Holy Priest – Blackhand & Archimonde

Ret Paladin – Xavius & Gul'dan

Prot Paladin – Kil'Jaeden & Argus

Hayden and Marcus can join the grand slam club by healing an AOTC kill (which it appears Hayden will in Uldir).

Andrastie has the most AOTC kills as a healer, with seven.

Granmumper has the most AOTC kills as a Melee DPS, with seven.

Brighteyeez has the most AOTC kills as a ranged DPS, with seven.

Wigz, Phailure and Serrene have the most AOTC kills as tanks, with three each.

The guild member who has played the most classes under progression in LA history is Hayden, with six total classes (though he did not get an AOTC kill on his Fury Warrior or Mage)

Ret Paladin – Blackrock Foundry

Boomkin – Hellfire Citadel

Warlock – Tier 19

Fury Warrior – Tier 20

Guardian Druid – Kil'Jaeden AOTC

Mage – Tier 21

Hayden is the longest tenured player in the guild who was not an original member of the guild. He applied to the guild in on April 7, 2015, during Heroic Blackhand progression.

Craig and Xinxung are the only players who applied during Legion that are still with the guild out of 43 total applicants.

102 people have applied to Legends Anonymous since applications opened in April 2015.
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One Last tidbit:

If you look at the guild achievements tab, you will see that the guild has achievements dating back to July 2013, over a year before the guild was actually founded.

This is because Marcus purchased the guild, <Pragmatic> on US-Kel'Thuzad for 17k gold (Level 25 guild), and changed its name to <Gods Among Legends> where he led the guild until March 2014. The guild was transferred to US-Sargeras in March 2014 and renamed <Legends Anonymous> in September 2014.

Zelgadys, Marcus, and Dr. Legend are the only players who played in <Gods Among Legends> who have ever played with Legends Anonymous.


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Barkers, Elunnion and Valahar also joined the guild in Legion and remain with the guild.

Brighteyeez has earned the title "Mr. Irrelevant" by being in the bottom 3 DPS for seven AOTC kills he was apart of.

Mormont has appeared in 17 progression kills in Legion, yet only achieved one AOTC kill with the guild (Helya). This is the most amount of progression kills attended with the least amount of AOTCs.

We did NOT have a shadow Priest for AOTC Helya.


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The most utilized classes in AOTC/LA History are:

Blood Death Knight

Feral Druid

Holy Paladin


Shadow Priest

Resto Shaman


Windwalker Monk

Mistweaver Monk


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One last tidbit:

Marcus was inspired to start his own guild after watching Method's Sha of Fear World First kill. Marcus had never seen a WF kill video and was inspired by the excitement displayed after killing a boss (he had never had a nerd scream moment).