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I spent some time doing some research on Socrethar today and believe I understand what our issue was last week. While the single phase 2 strategy is still doable it requires very high DPS and is generally considered more difficult since the hotfixes to gift last month. Our main issue last week was that we were mixing the two strategies up. If you are going to return to P1 you can't just keep the ghosts imprisoned for the duration of P2. By the time the third dominator goes down there are just too many of them to deal with. Here are some refinements we will be making to our strategy tonight after Archimonde. If anyone else has any good ideas please post here.

- Once we enter phase two for the first time only the first set of ghosts will be imprisoned, this is to give Justin time to get the fire trails up.
- A team of three people will be assigned to kill ghosts once they are free of the prison. Subsequent waves of ghost will not be imprisoned.
- Justin will send a Fel Orb in the direction of the ghosts on CD.
- People with Gift need to attempt to positions themselves so they are in line with the group and the blue portal. This will help keep the ghosts stacked together. Keep in mind that you can overlap the green circle the Gift debuff gives you. Use the space intelligently.
- Dominators are top priority, last week we often kept DPSing Shadowcallers after the Dominator spawned. We need a hard switch by everyone when they spawn. The longer they are alive the more gifts you have which in turn makes keeping the ghosts stacked harder.
- Once the third dominator does down we will let Socrethar free cast and return to P1.
- Once we enter P2 for a second time we will now keep the ghosts imprisoned as we will not be returning to P1. Everything else from above stays the same for the second round of P2.

Again, if anyone else has any thoughts please feel free to contribute.


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Love it. Fucker should die tonight. We upped our average ilvl from 704.2 to 705.93 last night. Archimonde and Socrethsr are done.


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