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Are rogues the best class?

  • Of course we stab things.

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • At least rogues are better then filthy warriors.

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  • Please bring back old combat.

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  • I am an angry other class that will never be as cool as rogues.

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Rouge fr!end$ I h4ve ben 1337 rouge 4 long tiem I am here to mak u not to nub and be 1337.

In all seriousness I have been playing WoW since BC and mained a rogue in that expansion. I switched to priest in Wrath and Cata, but I am back to playing my first love. I have done serious business raiding throughout those three expansions and kept up with the rogue class during that time albeit for more pvp than pve. I watched the waxing and waning of the rogue class and have decently extensive knowledge.

Ill be happy to answer questions to the best of my ability if you have any, whether pve or pvp.

Also a silly poll to get some talk started!


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Quick question, sometimes I feel on my Rogue that I have to wait 4-5 seconds before I get enough energy to do anything (Combat spec). Am I doing something wrong? Or does combat have frequent downtime?


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All rogue specs can feel slow. Being energy strapped is what keeps the class from being OP (monks....jk, but not really). They have come a long way. Reduction in cost to backstab and Sinister Strike and Mutilate have made it less of a hassle and more spammy then it used to be. The change to SnD it is better then it used to be as well as the 1 energy a decisecond base.

I often use the time I'm energy strapped to think what the heck am I doing playing WoW or contemplating life's great mysteries. This may be how I sometimes "randomly" die.

The answer to original question is, rogues always have downtime, and as long as you never let your SnD wear off, you are getting your max regen from autoattacking, SnD and finisher refunding. Unless you have some thistle tea lying around, but I would sell that over using it, I think its well over 100k in value now.
So I have come back after a long break and chosen rogue as my main (I always wanted to play one but just never did for some reason).
I will be hitting you u[p here and there for info but to start it off, what is your main and secondary spec? Would you recommend just going combat for the level grind?


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Sorry I am out of town and between doing real life stuff, the leveling to 100 as fast as I could and the queue, I haven't been on here much. Combat and assassination are both good for leveling. I will be playing Sub as I think it is the most fun spec to play. I have seen some meters where combat might beat it out, but since weapons will be hard at the start Ill most likely be running Sub/Assas with Sub/Combat as my eventual specs.