Sleeper Simulant exotic weapon


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Sleeper Simulant is a heavy weapon exotic, think fusion rifle..turned into a fussion cannon! It one shots most everything except bosses. I was hitting the Black Spindle boss for 16k per precision hit; it's a beast of a weapon!

It is one of those time gated exotics that requires you to collect items before you can even try the mission, IF it pops.


The items you need to collect are the 4 "Diluvian" labeled purple items that drop off random mobs. You get those and hand them in at the gunsmith. Once you do that, that's when he will offer the the mission WHEN/IF it's time gate calls for it to show up. It has popped twice, two weeks in a row, a few weeks ago...! It should pop again soon, BUT there is a way to cheese it, if you want. (Not a cheat, but a way to force run the mission) Since I have completed the quest chain already, I have the mission unlocked on my map already. So I can form a fireteam with you and start the mission from my screen, and you should be able to get things going.

It takes 2 days worth of resets to get all the missions, but once you get the first one done, the second mission pops the following day.


The first mission is NOT easy, the Warsat event at the start of it is a shit show...wiped a whole bunch. The end of that mission is intense as well, I would run with a shotty and sword.

There is more to this mission than just killing things. There are puzzles and all sorts of goodies. You can figure it out on you own...if you feel like beating you head against the wall, or you can check out this reddit guide!

Also, you may want to hit up the Links and Apps post from earlier, as things like the event tracker will be handy here.