Schedule - Tuesday September 22


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After some discussion we are setting the tentative schedule for this week as follows:

Tuesday – Heroic Archimonde
Wednesday – Iskar - Mannnoroth
Thursday – Heroic Archimonde

Why have we chosen this schedule? Based on last week and our read on the general feeling of the raid we think that there is a strong desire to go all in on Archimonde this week. For this reason we plan to extend the lock out on my mage(your lockout will be unaffected) and head straight for the big guy himself. Given the success last week we think there is a high chance we will get him and put a cap on this tier.

I've put the Iskar to Mannoroth in Wednesday because if haven't killed Archimonde by end of raid Tuesday then we have read the situation wrong. We will go grab some more gear on Wednesday and then take another crack on closing out the tier on Thursday.

Please let me know your thoughts. This is one of those decisions where the right answer isn't clear to us.


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I guess the real question is what is our attendance going to be like this week, the higher attendance day (which we can't predict) will most likely be the best day to knock him out.

Vanessa Z

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I'm cool with this schedule. If we could find time to do the first few bosses I still need my heroic tier pants off Gorefiend for my best four set. I'd appreciate it. :) (I'm using a "subpar" four set currently for the bonus.)


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I will be gone as well. I have the joy of climbing around in a hot attic all evening...again; as if the last 2 times were now enough.

Good luck!