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I may or may not bring my mage over from Mal'ganis, either way I will do my best to keep up with warlock/mage specs and gear in case we get in a pinch, but I enjoy playing regardless of what im playing, Im just better at some classes than others.
I would like to throw my hat in the ring for the healing spot that's opened up. I've sent Marcus a message about it as well. My toon will be leveled and (hopefully) well geared before the time comes. The mage dream is officially dead.

Emeraldhaze - Resto Druid


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I'm down for holy pally or monk or whatever if needed, I have a 100 of every class. Would prefer to stick to lock if someone else wants it, but have the capability.
Wanted to pop on here and say I will likely have my rogue and priest(disc) as two toons I play most and mostly as pure backup on Wednesdays. My wife just gave birth two our second son and I finished out a masters in my absence over the last year. I only play when my older son is sleeping which basically leaves me with Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights as possible raid nights.

TLDR- back on limited basis catch you on alt weekend runs for first teir of expansion, still alive.


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I see that we have a couple Apps for the open healing spot. If we have people in the guild that can fill that spot 100%, we should use them before we get more new people. Our roster is already over booked as is. Just my 2 cents.

Also, did I miss what happened with Ana?!?!

Quick Edit: With the spot that opened up, we WILL need someone who is 100% attendance(within reason!) and has Healer as main spec.
Agree, my predictable attendance issues is why I haven't main spec Heals in LA even though it probably is my most experienced role.

Still have two weeks it get it all sorted, lots of time.


Guild Master
Hey, just wondering when/why I was moved to Rotation?
I didn't know if you'd come back :). We had a guy once leave for band practice and 1 year later he came back.

But in all seriousness, since you were gone for two weeks, I needed the active roster to reflect who was here at the timeto not confuse Phailure when he was sending out invited. Since you've been here longer, were gunna start putting you in, we just need to get to farm mode so we can get you ready and geared. Right now if you came in on Heroic Cenarius that wouldn't do you any good. But since we're so close to farm mode, we can get u right back in there like we did on Tuesday for a hot minute.


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We have a full time healer spot open, if someone is interested in playing in the Big Leagues! Preferably a Resto Shaman, but as with anything in LA, we can make any healer spec work!!

Since having a consistent reliable healer is important, I'm sure if someone wanted to switch mains or what-not, Marcus would be cool with that...though I will let Marcus make the final call on that sort of thing. If people are seriously interested, hit up one of the Raid Leaders (Marcus, Phailure, or Dr.Legend) or the scrub lord healing coordinator Andrastie (to which I will direct you to the Raid Leaders!!!).



Guild Master
Updated, Lazko and Yatiri added as fulltime healers. Joemc and Manastorm added.

Those with long, unexplained absences have been removed from the roster.
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