Ret: Start Fight With Full Holy Power

There may be other ways to do this, but if you're sitting at a boss (after wiping a bunch) and there's no critters or trash to attack, you might be SOL for getting Holy Power.

The best way I've found to generate HP before a boss starts is using the Holy PVP 4-Set (522 Grievous Gear from MOP). Even as Ret you can equip this 4set, spam Flash of Light on yourself and generate HP. I recommend doing this as you're running back to the boss so that your mana regens & you just stop running to Flash of Light every so often.
Once you're at 5 HP you have to worry about the decay of HP so just cast a Flash of Light here and there until the boss fight starts so that you have all 5 up.

Then you can start the fight with 5 HP, trinkets & full CDs for even more burst than you pull now.
Enjoy - Hope this helps you if you didn't know of this already @NotYerPalGuy
Hmmm interesting, I'll have to try this with Seraphim. Or swap out holy avenger as using cd's at the start of a fight is SOP now.

HA pretty much makes any HP constraints moot as I open up with a HoW.

Much testing to be had :) .

Thanks for the info.
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Hammer of Wrath is good and I'm sure you have Avenging Wrath up so that it generates 1 HP & lets you use before boss is in execute range. However, having 5 HP to start the fight is still going to be better than starting with 0 because you get 5HP worth of abilities right off and once you use those 5HP THEN you can use AW & HoW.
Sorry , I wasn't very clear earlier.
with my current talents Holy avenger makes my opener HoW generate 3 holy power, and every other generator will do the same for 18 seconds. So using this method whiled specced into HA is kind of pointless which is why I would consider dropping HA to test effectiveness.
I understand those generate HP fast, but starting with 5 HP AND doing what you just said is even better. You can start off with a 3HP ability (divine storm or w.e.), have 2HP left then use HoW to generate 3 HP and you now have 5, then keep doing that. Once HA/HOW is over (18 seconds later), you'll still have 2HP (from the flash of lights from pre-pull) and can use another spell to get a 3rd HP and then use those.

The only thing I could see making this opener less efficient is if the Haste from Timewarp diminishes significantly in one GCD, which it does not. So you'd start off by running in, hit boss with Divine Storm (or whatever your single target 3HP ability is), then pop HA/HoW and spam Divine Storms (or w.e. your single target 3HP ability is). You basically get an extra Divine Storm (or whatever your single target 3HP ability is) in your opener without wasting a GCD during your HA/HoW.

You can also proc your trinkets off of the HP abilities you use from the HP you generate pre-pull instead of having a few seconds of no trinkets during your HA/HoW which again is a DPS boost.