Quick and Dirty Guide to Brewmaster

Tanking version. A short rundown, if you're looking to play an offspec or an alt and don't feel like digging through MMO-C's excellent but sometimes buried information.

General stat priorities:

Bonus Armor > Mastery ~= Crit > MS (Healing) ~= Vers (damage reduction)

Don't get Haste. It's garbage.

Glyphs: Expel Harm. Other two are up to you, but I usually rotate between Keg Smash (Convenience), Breath of Fire (Dungeons/CMs), Zen Meditation (Handy), Transcendence (Mobility).

30: Chi Wave under 5 targets. Chi Burst otherwise. (Darmac/Thogar, for example.)
45: Chi Brew or Power Strikes. Chi Brew is better for emergencies.
75: Dampen for multiple big hits (Breaths on wolves during Flamebender, Suplexes, Inferno Slices, Acid Torrents, etc.) Diffuse for big, constant magic damage (Brackenspore, Kor'agh, Impregnator, etc)
90: RJW if adds. Xuen otherwise.
100: Serenity for mitigation. ChiEx for damage. Soul Dance sometimes on Kor'agh.

General priorities:

Generating Chi:
1. If off cooldown, use Keg Smash.
2. If off cooldown and you are not at 100% health, use Expel Harm.
3. If 1 and 2 are not avaiable and you have more than 80 energy, use Jab/RJW (if 3+ targets and is off CD)

Spending Chi:

Everything is situational.
  • Guard to absorb big incoming damage.
  • Purifying Brew to purify Stagger.
  • BoK. If ChiEx, only 3 or more Chi. Unless you're not actively tanking, then 2 is fine to build Shuffle.

Use Chi Wave or Chi Burst liberally.
Tiger Palm if you have nothing else to do. It's free.


Use Elusive Brew as much as you can, but don't use it if you're not tanking or if you only have like <5 stacks. Obviously don't cap on Chi. If you are, you're not spending enough Chi. Use Chi Brew if you really need the EB stacks, or if you really need the 2 Chi RIGHT MEOW to Guard or Touch of Death.

With Serenity, purify as much Stagger as you can. Use Serenity pretty much on CD. You can spam BoK and Purifying Brew, so it's sort of like a mitigation CD in that sense, and you also build a ton of Shuffle. Pop CDs as needed.
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