Pre-Raid Checklist


Guild Master
Hello Legends!

The time is upon us once again! As discussed in the Guild Meeting last Tuesday, it's go-time. I wanted to make a pre-raid checklist to streamline entry into Emerald Nightmare.

  • Minimum Requirements are 830 ilvl and rank 13 Main spec weapon. Due to the amount of people we have on rotation, we have to strictly enforce this rule.
  • Check out the Fatbosstv guides and our Quick Tips thread.
  • Get your flasks/food/potions. They are expensive right now, but hopefully we can procure some resources to get some in the Guild Bank. At the very least, buy Legion Flasks, Legion Food, and Draenor Potions. Don't
  • Get your bonus roll tokens. Here is where they are located.
  • Get your game-face on. Take all the skills you have acquired throughout your time here and your experience. If you and the guild start the tier strong, then we'll have plenty of time to farm on and enjoy everything else.
If you guys have anything to add that I may have missed or have any questions, leave them here!

Thank you guys and happy raiding starting this Tuesday!


Guild Master
Remember guys, the servers tomorrow are going to be hectic. Expect queue times to log in.

In order to better facilitate our transition, take care of everything you need to do for tomorrow' raid tonight.
- Buy/make your flasks potions
- Update your transmog for the contest
- Repair your gear
- Park yourself in front of the token vendor when you log out so you can immediately purchase them upon logging in tomorrow.

We have no way of estimating what the queue times will be so it's better to be safe than sorry. I would rather be logged in an hour early ready to go then scrambling 10 minutes before raid time.

This is a new raid for us all so we're trying to set precedence here for everyone. If you are unable to buy your flasks before the raid, please let someone know so they can buy them for you. We're a family guys and everyone here is willing to help so don't be shy if you need it.


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If raiders need gems for their gear, let me know. I will give you green quality gems right now; no need to be burning blue quality gems on gear that will be replaced in the first couple weeks of raiding.