Official BlizzCon 2017 Weight Loss Challenge


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Greetings Guildies!

Now that our tickets and housing situation has been finalized, the road to BlizzCon has begun. We are entering the official "lull" period in which we painfully wait the next 6+ months until the convention finally arrives.

Legends Anonymous is not just a Warcraft guild, we're not just a gaming community... Legends Anonymous is a family and as much as we try, we can't help but share some parts of our personal lives with one another. Which brings me to arranging this new community event.

The convention season is a great time for Legends Anonymous. We get to flaunt our jerseys, hang our battle standard on high and show off to all of the other pleb guilds that we are the Greatest Guild in the whole of Azeroth. This year, we want to strut our stuff by showcasing our guild members in the best, and fittest light possible which is why we are holding the first official Blizzcon 2017 Weight Loss Challenge.

Losing weight is tough. Believe me, I know. However, the most challenging part of it is not the calorie deficit days, junk food cravings, or even hours spent at the gym. What makes losing weight hard is trying to go at it alone. This is why we're going to bring the guild together and work as a team (like we do every raid) to support one another on our weight loss journey.

This is how the challenge is going to work. The official weigh in day is this Monday (April 17th). If you would like to participate, all you have to do is submit a photo in this thread of you standing on a scale with the total weight visible on the photo. Every week thereafter, we'll have another weigh in to track everyone's progress (I'll be building a spreadsheet with charts and all of that sexy shit that @Phailure beats off too when no one's around).

At the end of every week, we'll tally all of our collective weight loss and showcase the total pounds shed over that week. The contest officially ends on October 27th. At that time, we'll calculate every single pound all of the participants have lost. We'll then hold a raffle and the winner (to be drawn at BlizzCon) will win a prize.

What is the prize you say? Well, I'm a giving man and I'll say for every pound Legends Anonymous loses as a guild, I will pay 25 cents into the pot. If we collectively lose 100lbs, that's $25 in the pot to the winner all done in the name of guild solidarity and health.

1) But DrLegend, I'm already at my ideal weight, how can I participate?
- That's easy, all you have to do is show solidarity in the thread by posting congratulations to all of the guildies after every weigh in and support the thread by sharing your own tips, tricks, recipes, and secrets to maintaining a healthy weight.
2) But DrLegend, I'm not going to BlizzCon, how can I participate?
- You can still totally participate in this contest! Even though our guildies going to the Convention will be featured and highlighted in the annual photo album, we want to support everyone willing to make a personal change to get healthy. Anyone who is not coming to BlizzCon that participates will be eligible for an gift card or PayPal transaction for the amount in the prize pool.
3) But DrLegend, I could stand to lose a few pounds but my schedule/work/school/life makes it difficult to participate, do I have to abide by these rules or can we work something out in private?
- While I'd like to use this thread as a conversation point, we can definitely make some offline arrangements if you're still willing to participate.
4) Why are you doing this DrLegend?
- In my journey over the years, I've found it incredibly helpful to not only get support from my friends and family but also, track my personal progress. When you see the weight figures every day, it keeps you honest and helps drive you towards your goal.

If you'd like to participate in our Weight Loss Challenge, please post below. Remember, weigh ins are this upcoming Monday. Just post your photo, current weight, and goal weight and I'll get you logged in.

Thanks guys and good luck to everyone!


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My name is Serrene ("hi Serrene!") and I'm a fat nerd.

Not for much longer. Let's do this.

(Technically I started taking weight loss seriously about a month ago, but good timing anyway.)
I'm in but I won't be losing weight lol .. I'm trying to put on 20lbs of lean strong American muscle .. gonna slay mad babes with my physique this year


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I've got about 15 left to go, I'll get in on it.

Anyone - I've lost 65 pounds now in just over a year, happy to give advice/partner up/whatever you need
Smooth J here.
I'm in.

Just started hitting the gym this week anyhow, so timing couldn't be more perfect!
Let's do this guys... Legends style!