Nerd Fitness Thread!

4:30 - Wake up Have a bowl of Oatmeal and blueberries with Black Coffee.
5:00 - Be at work =/
6:30 - Drink my 2nd cup of Black Coffee! and a quest bar.
9:00 - Eat my Organic non sugar added peanut butter and Banana samich
12:00 - LUNCH Brown Rice and Chicken breast with broccoli.
2:00 - go Home and do lots of Jump Rope knee highs and butt kicks for 10 min and stretch after.
2:30 - Lift some heavy shit with some plyometrics between sets. Bench press into power jumps (Jumping as high as you can bringing your knees to your waist slapping them) etc.
3:00 - Protein Shake!
5:00 - Dinner Organic Leafy greens and salmon.

I drink about a gallon or more of Water a day. I also didn't give food measurements. But I tends to eat 1500 Calories a day.
This is pretty much what I ate for 5 months in a row with Sunday being a cheat meal day Beer Pizza w/e I wanted for dinner. I lost about 70 pounds.


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I've dropped from 238 to 203 since January 1. It's definitely a diet based thing, but exercise can speed it up and, more importantly, make you feel and look even better.


3 eggs


Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich from Starbucks


Packet of Oatmeal, sometimes two

Always stay under 300 Cals for breakfast. You're thirsty, not hungry. Drink more water than you ever have.


Wrap using lite wrap (90 Cals), six to eight slices of pre wrapped deli turkey (100 Cals), hummus (90-120 Cals, in the wrap instead of dressing. I've found it adds some weight and filling while being light). Two slices of pre wrapped "thin sliced" cheese of your choice (80 calories total) and spinach galore (10-20 calories).

You end up around 400-500 calories depending on filling, I've found its easier to just guesstimate rather than weigh everything.


Any 400-600 calorie lunch replacement from a restaurant if you need something.


Grilled chicken breast, halved (200-300 calories)

Steamable vegetables, half a bag (100-400 calories depending on which kind, you make the decision)


Any 500-800 calorie meal from a restaurant

If you follow all of those eating steps, you should end anywhere around 1400-1800 calories depending on choices you've made. If you have leftover calories, hit up snack food until you get to 1600 calories minimum for the day. (Depends on your weight, if you weigh more, add 200 calories. If you weigh less, take away).


I like climbing so my workouts are centered around climbing.

20 minutes on a bike, medium intensity.l, twice a week.

50 push-ups/sit-ups/tricep dips a day. 40 curls with 25 pounds on each arm. Incline press if I have the time. Finger exercise with a finger strength trainer (admittedly a ridiculously specific exercise, but it helps with guitar too)

Longer (5+ mile) hikes every other weekend

Stairs, squats, and lunges any time I can throughout the day.

I've also taken to working out at work, doing push-ups or sit-ups on the hour. People thought it was weird at first but, hey, it's making me skinnier. Who cares.

That's what I do at least. Calories burned during exercise go to drinking. If you burn 1000 calories a day more than you take in, you'll lose two pounds a week.
Serene, i wish i could wake up 8:15 every morning :(. I'm up at 4:30-5:00 Mon-Fri. My regime is based on circuit training 5 days a week and 3 types of runs each week (sprints, time trial, and distance) unless I'm training specifically for an event. Changes I'll make for circuit training are intensity and length. Short and fast (less than 20 mins) to increase cardiac capacity. Long and slow (20-50 mins) to increase stamina. I run each workout in addition to my dedicated run days. That will teach your body to work when it's tired. Depending on how much leg work I did during circuits, determines how long I run for. So far, this plan has kept me healthy (34 in Aug) for the last 5+ years. And I'm able to keep up with my kids haha.