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Hello guildies!

In preparation for the website revamp, we’d like to extend the opportunity to have your own personal biography page. Please answer the following questions and LA Staff will write up your biography and give you your own personalized space on the LA Website! If you’d like, you can include a personal photo of yourself and/or your character ingame as well.

Copy and paste this and PRIVATE MESSAGE Marcus with the info. I will compile all of the bios and write it in a 3rd person perspective.

1. When did you start playing WoW?

2. What guild/server/class did you play on?

3. What are some of your greatest achievements in-game?

4. What is something you are noteworthy for as a player and as a person?

5. What are some great memories guildies may have of you in Legends Anonymous?

6. How did you hear about Legends Anonymous?

7. Why did you join Legends Anonymous?

8. How long have you been in Legends Anonymous?

9. Why have you stayed with Legends Anonymous?

10 Any personal info you’d like to share (hobbies/interests).

WoW Fun facts (Feel free to add any more if you choose)

Favorite Class:

First Raid Tier cleared:

Favorite Expansion:

Favorite Raid:

Favorite Boss Encounter:


Guild Master

Please take an action screenshot (Zoomed in) of your main toon to include with your bio. Also include a photo of yourself if you wish.