Maximum cleavage guide


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2 targets
  1. Keep Sweeping Strikes up.
  2. Keep Rend applied to each target for rage generation via Taste for Blood.
  3. Continue Single Target rotation.

3+ targets
  1. Keep Sweeping Strikes up.
  2. Keep Rend applied to 3-4 targets that won't die quickly for ideal rage generation.
  3. Dragon Roar on cooldown.
  4. Whirlwind all the things.
  5. Bladestorm is worth using against 2+ targets.
Ignore Mortal Strike and Colossus Smash.

Talents or Nothing Really Matters
Most of our talents have been extremely marginalized to the point where, outside of a few specific AoE situations, they make little to no difference on performance.

For Single Target
Sudden Death is the best talent and a 400 DPS over Slam or 2.27% increase.
Slam is about a 160 DPS increase over Taste for Blood or a 0.93% increase.
Storm Bolt is about 60 DPS over Dragon Roar or a 0.34% increase.
Shockwave is only 60 DPS below Dragon Roar, while this makes it seem useful; keep in mind that when you reduce the cooldown it actually loses damage since it starts eating GCDs otherwise used on good abilities. Still, it can be used when you need a stun without noticeable damage loss.
Avatar has a few possible uses on burst when targets die so quickly that Bloodbath will not tick for the full/most of the duration.

For AoE
Taste for Blood is the clear winner, since Slam directly competes with Whirlwind and Sudden Death does no AoE damage.
Bladestorm is worth using against 3+ targets.