Legends Anonymous Secret Santa 2016


Guild Master
Greetings Guildies!

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us once more. In order to promote great friendship, culture, and a continued stance that we are the greatest guild in the whole of Azeroth, Legends Anonymous would like to proudly host its second annual Secret Santa Gift Giving Event!

This thread will be used to see how many of you are willing to participate and as a general rules and info thread. I know some of you guys may be weary in giving out your home addresses to other guildies, however, there are a few ways around that. We could utilize Amazon's Wish List system to anonymously deliver gifts on someone's personal wishlist without compromising their information. Of course, you could send gifts digitally via email address but where's the fun in that? Also, we have a few neighbors in the north that may want to participate but shipping internationally could be real costly. However, Amazon has a fairly reasonable shipping service that won't break your wallet in order to sent some gifts.

Some restrictions will apply of course. Please see this handy chart for the official rules:

- By signing up for this you are absolutely confirming your wholehearted commitment to this event (ie: no flaking out a week later). These are your guildies we're talking about here. People we trust with our lives on a daily basis (well, our character's lives but who's counting?).
- Joke gifts are allowed but please be mindful. These are being handled by a 3rd party in one of the most difficult and sensitive periods of the year. A bag of powdered sugar labeled "Pure Colombian" may be funny to hand someone in person but I don't think law enforcement or a judge would find it too amusing.

Deadline to sign up is November 28th at 11:59pm. We will begin drawing names the next day before raid time at DrawNames.com where you will fill out your pertinent information including: name, address (if you are okay with someone sending you personalized gifts), wishlist, and any other relevant information.

All you have to do is shout out below and I'll put you on the list. If we have a reasonable amount of guildies participating, we'll continue with the event.

This thread will be monitored and updated throughout the next few weeks so don't forget to check back when new and relevant information is posted.

Here's to another fantastic year with you guys. Let the holiday celebration begin!


Guild Master
Sorry guys, it appears we have not generated enough interest for this event so therefore it is cancelled.

As the Chicago Cubs used to say until a few weeks ago, there's always next year.