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Greetings Legends,

The new expansion is just two short months away and it’s time to start lacing up your greaves, tightening your spaulders, and polishing those breastplates because Legends Anonymous will be returning to our regular raiding schedule on July 10th(or whenever the 8.0 pre-patch is scheduled to go live).

However, we have some housekeeping matters and other things to discuss before we start killing baddies and taking their treasure. Firstly, we have a couple of events planned to get us fired up and back in the boss killing mood. The first of which will be our classic Legends Anonymous draft in which we carefully stew over our preferred class and spec which we will be raiding with in Battle for Azeroth and announce our choices to the world in typical Legends style.

Before we can get the draft started, we need to begin our preliminary planning phase and make sure we have all of the right tools and equipment necessary to do our jobs. Legends Anonymous will be opening up our recruitment shortly but we would first like to get a headcount of who will be returning and what potential roll they are considering in our current raid team.

Current members of Legends Anonymous, please post below (or message DrLegend on Discord) confirming your intentions to return and your role(s) considered (Tank, R DPS, M DPS, Healer).

Our second event will be another classic attunement quest hosted by our beloved council member Zelgadys. As proud members of the Alliance, we must rally the troops on the Eastern Kingdoms to prepare for the upcoming battle. However, rumor has it there is traitor in our mist secretly funneling Alliance battle plans and strategies to our rivals in the Horde. Will we uncover the truth and foist this foul villain or will voyage sink before we get a chance to swim?

Finally, we would like to announce a few changes that will be taking place regarding our raid structure and schedule. The first of which involves loot. Now that WoW has moved to the Personal Loot system only, we will no longer be using EPGP as a gear management system. We normally utilize PL during the first few weeks of raiding an expansion anyways so this will just be an extension of that system. Legends Anonymous will not ask or force anyone to give out any personal gear received that they may not require and will leave it up to the individual’s discretion on how to assign that specific item.

Secondly, the new PL system allows us to have a little flexibility when it comes to choosing our preferred class/spec. With these new changes, we will be allowing raiders to flex/change their initial class/spec choices made during the draft at the start of a new raid tier. Of course, there will be some minor restrictions to adhere to. For starters, anyone wanting to a switch to a new class/spec but still keep their current role (tank/healer/dps) can do so without restriction. However, we only ask that your character match the minimum ilvl requirements as outlined by the upcoming raid tier.

If you would like to switch to a different role, that may require approval first depending on the current raid needs. We want to make sure that we have a sufficient composition before allowing tanks to go heals and/or heals going DPS.

And lastly, the biggest change we will be making is to our specific raiding schedule. Legends Anonymous has been going strong for almost 4 years. We’ve conquered eight raids together and have never abstained from our flexible raiding environment. With that being said, we would like to announce that our new raiding schedule will be Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 7:30PM – 9:30PM. We believe this shortened raid schedule will allow us to stay a bit more focused while continuing to clear content at our proven pace. Since raids will be shortened to just two hours each night, we will no longer be having breaks in between so we are asking all of our raiders to come prepared and ready to go for the entire duration.

We look forward to raiding with all of you in the upcoming Battle for Azeroth. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss them with myself or any of the other council members.


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I should be around in some form or fashion. Leaning towards Pally Heals(big surprise), but I have been kicking around the idea of going back to my roots and DPSing on Meh Huntard. Not 100% either way....but I will be here!


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yeah I'm in, struggling between enh and resto. Leaning towards enh right now, but willing to fill a healing spot if we need
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If there are holes at tank or heal I will probably fill them otherwise I will probably go some form of melee DPS with a tank/heal offspec.