LA in a post HFC world


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Greetings Legends,

With Heroic Archimonde now is our sights we would like to take some time to answer some of the questions you may have about what will happen following his inevitable demise. This post is focused on the period between now and the release of Legion. How the guild will transition into Legion will be covered in a future post(s).

(Note: Any change below will be effective once H Archimonde dies. We are posting ahead of time to give ample time for feedback.)

Are we going to continue to raid HFC?
Yes. There are certainly some items that many people will still want on their mains and a few people that will need AotC still. We will continue to clear heroic HFC so people can get those things. Will we be clearing HFC weekly 2 months from now? Maybe , Maybe not. The guild officers are committed to ensure are still activities happening on Tuesday to Thursday. However what those activities may change from week to week to keep things fresh and interesting. During this period we want to keep things light and fun.

What kind of "activities"?
Achievements, old raids, other games, making fun of Marcus, anything goes! The goal is to keep getting people in TS and having a good time. Feel free to suggest anything you think would be fun to do with guidlies.

Can I bring my alt to HFC or switch my main to another character?
Sure! This is meant to be a relaxed period and we want you to play what you want. Before bring an alt or new main into our raid please ensure they appropriately geared. Below is a list of recommended ilvls.

Heroic Assault to Gorefiend: 685+
Heroic Iskar to Tyrant, 690+
Heroic Manny + Archimonde: 700+

With alts in the raid how will we continue to use EPGP?
Yes, We will continue to use the EPGP system with some modifications:

-Alts will not accumulate EP or be able to spend GP. If you wish to continue to earn EP to get an item you will need to bring your main.
-The mains at the time of our first Heroic Archimonde kill will get dibs on all loot, even items that are /rolled on.
-Any loot not wanted by a main will be /rolled for by alts

Hey dick! You didn't answer the question I had?
Well then reply to the post with your question and we will be happy to answer it. Also, words hurt man.


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Just to add: due to concerns raised there will be NO MORE BRINIGING ALTS IN WHATSOEVER UNTIL HEROIC ARCHIMINDE IS DEAD. If this is a problem, contact myself or Dr. Legend.