Krazblivion/Transition (Blood/Frost DK, Resto/Feral Druid)


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My name is Eric im a 31 y/o guy in Atlanta, GA, I found you guys when I was waiting in the airport this Christmas, I listened to the podcast, and loved it, it sounded so me. I Started playing in January 2005 because I was a Halo kid and I was working at an EB Games when my manager told me i needed to get WoW (on horde, sorry). At 60 I was chasing High Warlord, but my college semester ended and I had to move out of my dorm, missed some pvp time and never went back to it. The following summer, I joined a raid guild and ultimately got through about half of 40 man Naxx before BC. Didn't super raid in BC, I couldnt figure out what toon I wanted to play, just hopped around chasing girls around different guilds. In WotLK i rolled a DK on day one, and have played it as a mostly main ever since. I tanked my guilds raids up through H Lich King, but after that was down i got burned out and stopped playing until cata. in cata I raided hard core, like 5-6 nights a week, pretty much only tanked, worked out fine, was able to get H Madness, no prob. In mists I started by tanking MSV and HoF, during ToT i switched to dps, and then back to tank for SoO. Then i switched to Alliance. In WoD its been pretty casual raiding, I tanked through BRF, and most of HFC, but as of now, just haven't a place that I REALLY enjoy, I dont like it when WoW feels like a job, which happens a lot.

What Do You Seek?
What I want out of a guild is to be able to play with people that make it feel fun. I've been in hard core raiding guilds, I've been in cesspool guilds, but I just like when I can get on and be around people who want to play, and want to experience the game and have fun, because thats kinda the point ;)

Leaving Current Guild?
Not actually in a guild at the moment. Some of my alts are in random guilds, but not for any real reason.

Enjoy the Most?
I like exploring the game, I like getting immersed in it (not to an RP level, but its a game and i like to see it) but i think that the community and friendships is what makes this game, without that, any game would just be COD matchmaking. I just like to have fun, and not stress stuff.

Most Important Things a Raider Brings?

I think number one, from a raiding standpoint is bring knowledge. Know what you're doing, but outside of that, I think that attitude is super important, When people get flustered and aggravated, we get worse as a whole, age old saying, only as strong as the weakest link. But raid awareness, class knowledge, knowing mechanics, etc... all integral, but I'd have to say attitude is most important, happy people perform at high levels.

Just Caused a Wipe?
I've caused a few wipes, the only thing to do is own up and learn from it, I'd ask for input or advice, but again,I think attitude goes a long way in this scenario.

Someone Struggling (not me)?
Obviously I would be patient and try my best to help, Im no expert on every class, but i've played most, I will always try to help.

Favorite Part of Raiding?
My favorite part of raiding was always the feeling that i got when we were able to accomplish/down bosses. It makes the hair on your neck stand. =)

About Me?
when I was 13 I thought that a Coyote in my neighborhood was a stray dog, and somehow, I was able to get it in my house, my parents were not happy.

Btag/ Armory
Kraz#1577 (this one got played alot, most of my raiding in WoD is on this toon)