I recommend a more specific raid section

This specific raid section would include a separate thread for each raid boss where there could be an overview of abilities, discussion of strategy, an embedded youtube video guide, etc.

These threads would also have interrupt / ability orders that people can view BEFORE raid starts to save time & prepare for it / let raidlead know if it might be an issue. Or if someone might not be there or has to leave early, they can see if there's an ability they're responsible for helping with and save us the hassle of having to assign someone else when raid time starts.

I also think that we need a raid call outs thread that has all of our raid calls.
Since we're a casual guild we'll encounter players who have never played Horde (possibly). So if you say pop Bloodlust to a newer Shammy they're going to be like WTFISBLOODLUSTYO?

That's a random example for why we should have a defined list of raid calls.
A more realistic example is Rich & I both playing Mages.
There's no need for "Hey um Rich in 10 seconds can you please pop Amplify Magic?" That's a lot of words for a raid call.

Better to do something like "AMP ONE in 10 seconds" or "AMP 1 next ability-name".
This type of raidleading would be backed up by the thread I'm recommending by having a list like this:
etc, etc.

This section would be really good also for just keeping track of who's covering what so we don't need to do assignments (for raid mechanics) each week. Easy to reassign raid jobs (ex: belts, engineer, etc from SoO) when there's a list keeping track of who's done them / who did them the week before.
I think this is a great idea. It would improve our healing/dps efficiency and also maximize our survivability. Communication and preparation work well together. Excellent suggestion.