Hikarinoyuki / Frost Mage

1) Provide a semi-detailed history of your WoW playing experience. Feel free to talk about your raiding experience, any guilds you were previously in, etc. Please include any details regarding any leadership positions you may have held in guilds.

First time i started playing wow was 2010, i was invited by a friend to a private server and i really fell in love with the game, there we joined a guild called Guerreros de Sangre, and almost a year after most of the guild migrated to Blizz servers, i started there like late Cataclysm and i kept playing with them in the horde side, in ragnaros server... both things might not be so appealing but then, i quit for pandaria, came back for draenor and did a lot of random things in draenor, also quit for most of legion, i think i played about 1 or 2 months but not together, and im back for BFA, my friends ask me to move to the alliance also to Sargeras, this character has been my main for all my life, even my Blood elf in the private server was called the same and was also a frost mage, see im like really fan of Frost abilities overall, I tried to start a guild when playing draenor with my IRLF but they had not enought time to support that, and finally quited right now im in Amortava Ilith, its a nice guild but its like a closed circle so i havent been able to get along with the high ranges, and im really into power playing... well maybe not really into that, but i would love to do M+ 10 and heroics raids and that stuff, i was in the core in Guerreros de Sangre, but we didnt had to much compromise, and i tried to lead a Core after but it was filled of alts and fresh 85, it was really messy, and im better in like second in lead or something... i feel like

2) What are you looking for in a guild?

People to play with, to make progress to help other improve while been helped by others to improve aswell

3) If you had to define yourself using a single definition in Urban Dictionary, what would it be?

It is often the case that idiots describe themselves as 'genious' but are ironically ignorant to the fact that the word is spelt 'genius' - much to the amusement of us intelligent people.
"Like, woah, yeah man, I'm like, such a genious, dude!"
"Well, you're retarded..."

4) What do you know about Legends Anonymous and why do you want to join?

So... somenights before i was sad cause my guild has not really nice scheadule, so i was in the necesity of pugging Zek voz H, i hadnt done it before, and i expected some wipes of course, but OMG the raid lead GatorGuts was impressive he really knew how to make people work together and it didnt seemed oppressive or anything i loved his style, and then i noticed that there were from my same realm and there were a few people from that guild, i added some of them and i have been asking with them of how to join and here i am, i was kind of dissapointed about my self in that fight, so since then i have been trying to improve my DPS and things around that. Novadorable was one of them such a nice person.

5) Make us laugh, link up to (3) videos/gifs to highlight your preferred style of comedy.

6) Why are you leaving your current guild?

i feel excluded from the high performance player circle, i have been trying to get there but they just wont let me, im not really really good but im really really really trying, i really had some fun with them and right know im feeling like im letting them down, but they didnt exploded my full potential and i really need a group who i can trust and to trust me too, i looking forward on that

7) What do you enjoy most out of the game?

The people, i love meeting new friends, also more like in game stuff, i like dungueons, wasting time doing random stuff, i used to pvp until i discovered im bad at it, i like doing twinks, leveling alts, i can do and enjoy anything while i do it with someone else, i even have paid some expensive repairs bill just for having fun

8) What are your top (3) swear words/phrases that you use in casual and uncasual conversation?

oh well i really dont know maybe fuck? shit? i havent think of it before, but i think my lenguage is bearable youll see after more on this

9) Somebody in the group (not you) is struggling with a mechanic (or overall as a raider). Do you:

d) Other (please explain): it depends a lot on who is struggling, if its one of my friends or someone i know is aproachable, i would tell him what i believe he is doing wrong and offer him a tip or help to fix that, IF he is not known from me, or we do not get along, but i know someone who does, i would recommend him to do as i would have done.

10) If you have raiding experience, what was your favorite part about raiding?

A lot of things, the VC, the thinking about new strategies, to see if there is room for improvement in used strategies, i would love to be talkative with the raid too, also getting like indications...

11) How dedicated are you to a raid team? IE: What are your raiding/WoW playing plans for the future?

If scheadules are fine with mine i will be present almost 100%, im no quiter, but i dont like to see mistakes repeating, i am patience with most people, except my self, i would like to do every following content in time

12) Tell us anything about yourself outside of the game.

I love this question, im not asked about this a lot, and im really not very good with words, see well im a 24 years old student of biology, im a dog person, i always keep to adictions at the time, right know WoW and my dog are those, i also like to play Magic: The gathering (izzet mage here) i live in Oaxaca, Mexico, really nice place for a vacations, im mexican, im not 100% good at english but im doing what i can, also i like to be in an active comunity for my english improvement, im in my last school year, but its not quite demanding yet, so i have plenty of time for wow and my baby dog.

13) Who would win in a fight? Robocop or a Minotaur. Explain your answer. Feel free to link any charts or analytics that you have prepared in the past.

Robocop for sure... (im actually not sure but i try to remain as sure as i can, but you would totally been able to tell when im not), if i had to explain i would say its The Robocop vs A minotour, we really know Robocop capabilities, but a minotour is to vague so it could be sick one, or even if its a healthy one he doesnt really have weapons that are like super effective; but i would also depend in the situation, i mean there are a lot of things to contemplate

14) Please link to your WoW Armory and your Battletag.

(not my best picture, i was trying arcane in some timewalks, my real spec is frost and my real IL its 364, ik i could have waited but im really excited about this)
Hikarinoyuki #1343

15) What times would you be available for a personal interview in Discord?

Im available most of the time, but i got school in some random hours, but im sure we can solve this easily


Guild Master
Hi Hikari!

Thank you very much for applying. Please feel free to add me on BNet and let's see if we can schedule some time to get you in for an interview on our discord server.

Thanks for the reply, i have already sent you a Bnet friend request, ill be available all night long like 8pm to midnight, i am excited about starting a new week with your guild.