Guild Meeting Notes 9/13


Guild Master
I completely forgot to mention this guys:

If you are on rotation and you are unable to get into the raid at any time, you will STILL earn EP for time online IF you are online on your main toon during raid time.


So just like we said at the beginning of Hellfire Citadel: Take it slow. Don’t try to blow up the meters the first night. Learn the fights and enjoy them. Work on survival and getting to know what your job is during each encounter. They’re only content for a few months. Once we get to farm status, we can start doing our Challenge of the Week where we can have fun and set goals with our numbers.

  • Minimum Reqs – 830 ilvl, rank 13 main-spec weapon. Bare-bones min…. The more gear you get from mythics the better.
  • Guild is mostly close to 840, gear won’t be an issue for normals. If we have any challenges on normal it will be mechanics.
  • Research the fights, going in blind will only add to wipe counts. Take the time to know what’s coming so we can reduce the amount of time we wipe. Even if you don’t want to be “spoiled” by watching the kill videos, at least learn what the names of the mechanics are, what they do and what they look like.
  • Invites will go out promptly at 7:10 PM Server. Try to log in earlier to avoid a queue. If you’re not online when invites go out, we will start pulling people from rotation to fill spots.
  • EPGP will start at 7:20 PM to start trash pulls and bonus EP for trash. Be at the instance. 7:30 PM is first ready check for pull. I know we’ve got a ton of content to do now that Legion has fulfilled its promise to have things to do. But once it’s raid night, it’s time to focus on that. Don’t be finishing a world quest at 7:27 PM and expect to get in for first pull of the night.
  • If you plan on recording our kills, send Marcus your e-mail (preferably gmail) so he can invite you to our google drive to upload kill videos.