Guild Meeting 9/13 - Raiding Prep/Expectations


Guild Master
Hello guildies!

On Tuesday, 9/13 at 8 PM Server (CST), we will be having a very quick guild meeting to check up on everybody and discuss raiding preparation.

So far, this has been the best launch that any MMO has ever done. No queue, no DDoS, all fun. Congratulations to @Alayin for winning the unofficial guild first level 110! To all those still questing, enjoy the experience!

It was also great to see some old faces show up just in time for the expansion as well!

Topics for guild meeting:

1. Check up and see how everybody is adjusting to the new content + pro-tips for maximizing gear/artifact power/class order halls/etc.

2. Raiding Prep Expectations: We will be going over the Roster Depth Chart as well as the bare-bone minimum requirements to get into the first raid night of Emerald Nightmare (don't worry, they won't be that strenuous).