Fury Generation and You: An Analysis on how to Improve our Fury Generation


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Greetings fellow Demon Hunters!

This article is going to be discussing a very important aspect to the Havoc Demon Hunter, and is arguably one of the most important keys to mastering our spec; this of course is an adequate understanding of fury generation. There are currently several different ways to optimally generate fury, with many variations occurring from talent selections, while improvements in generation stem greatly from artifact perks/legendary gear drops.

Fury Generation Built into the Havoc Spec
Demon’s Bite: There really isn’t a great deal to be discussed here. Unless the Demon Blades talent is selected (which will be discussed a bit later on in the article), this will be your primary fury generator and one of the two most common buttons you will be pressing the most alongside Chaos Strike. In addition, make sure you are building up your fury to the max, or at least close to it before spending fury, unless you need to get off an Eye Beam or an Annihilation instantly; in that instance you should obviously build up enough fury just to be able to use either of the two abilities.

Consume Magic: Ironically, aside from your selection in the 102 talent row and if you opted not to select any talent that involves fury generation, this would be your only other means to generate fury. Once again, there really isn’t too much to state except that if you have the opportunity to interrupt an add you should do so to obviously prevent damage from occurring, but because you can also generate 50 fury, which helps your DPS immediately.

Fury Generation Built into Talents
Fel Mastery:
In fights where there will be significant movement involved within the mechanics or to attack adds, this can be a rather potent fury generator, as it allows you to both gain 25 fury and provide some damage to the target simultaneously. It is advisable in fights such as Illgynoth (or any that will involve using Fel Rush a significant amount) within the Emerald Nightmare to highly consider this talent as a fury generator. Moreover, it can also match quite well with the Prepared/Momentum talents, as Vengeful Retreating into a Fel Rush is a great way to increase your damage (with the Momentum talent), and generate a decent amount of fury.

Prepared/Momentum: I am placing both of these talents together, because typically you’re going to select either both together or neither at all. These are the core pieces of one of the two prominent Havoc DPS builds (the other being the Nemesis/Chaos Blades build). Opting into this build will cause your Vengeful Retreat to become an integral part to your fury generation, as aside from using Demon’s Bite to generate fury, you will now use Vengeful Retreat every 15 seconds (thanks to Prepared), which will generate 40 fury over 5 seconds. Regardless of the difficulty of perfecting the Momentum build for Havoc Demon Hunters, no one can deny that it allows for a good amount of fury generation outside merely Demon’s Bite and Consume Magic.

Demon Blades: Personally, I find this talent to cause our fury generation to become even more RNG based than it already is (since Demons Bite can generate anywhere from 20 to 30 fury), and to generate fury far slower. In addition, Blizzard admitted the other day during the Demon Hunter Q and A session that they are turning this talent purposely to be the weakest of the fury generator talents in the 102 row. Furthermore, for those who make the argument that the extra damage makes up for the RNG/Slowness of the talent, our artifact trait called Demon Rage can increase Demon’s Bite damage by 18%, making it an even easier pill to swallow in terms of pressing Demon Blades it constantly; this somewhat eliminates that argument for Demon Blades once you earn the full Demon Rage artifact trait over time. This should be selected only for players who want to play the class in an even simpler fashion and prefer to press the least amount of buttons possible. Otherwise, I thoroughly believe Prepared and the Demonic Appetite are superior choices for fury generation.

Demonic Appetite: I personally like this fury generator a lot even though it’s RNG based, because Chaos Strike is one of our two most used abilities, which somewhat counteracts the RNG aspect of the talent. In addition, since as a class we are/should be constantly moving, it allows the consumption of soul fragments to become a lot easier to manage. It’s an efficient way to generate 30 fury considering these facts, and creating the soul fragments has the added benefit of helping us generate health too. If you’re not selecting to opt into the Momentum build, I highly suggest trying out Demonic Appetite for the reasons stated above, as it can offer the best fury generation possible without committing to Vengeful Retreat with no Momentum (which is a DPS loss from my testing) or selecting a sub-par talent in Demon Blades.

Fury Generation Built into Artifact Traits
Deceiver’s Fury:
Since this trait allows you to gain 15 fury for every attack and spell dodged, it allows Blur to become both a good defensive cooldown and a solid fury generator combined. Moreover, you can also generate fury simple through RNG by dodging attacks and spells randomly. It’s worth mentioning that since Netherwalk (a defensive cooldown talent in the 104 row) removes Blur (which has a shorter cooldown by 30 seconds), it can be considered a fury generator loss to some degree, and that should somewhat be considered in your decision process to select it as a talent. One legendary drop labeled Achor the Eternal Hunger gives us a 50% leech when Blur is active, which is just another reason (although small since there is no guarantee you will get the legendary drop) to keep Blur besides the fury generation.

Overwhelming Power: Once again, this trait allows for more fury generation though RNG based, but it can potentially reward good players, as using Chaos Nova to stun an add has a 30% chance to create a soul fragment. This trait combined with Demonic Appetite as a talent selection can be an easy 30 fury generated by simply being a good raider in stunning adds. The creation of more soul fragments also connect with another trait known as Feast on the Souls that decreases the cooldown on Eye Beam and Chaos Nova by 5 seconds for every fragment consumed.

Contained Fury: This isn’t a fury generator trait, but it does increase our total fury capacity by 30; this will essentially cause us to tap Demon’s Bite a tad more and to embrace all these RNG fury generation options so we can maximize our fury storage with our spending.

Fury Generation Built into Legendary Drops
Anger of the Half-Giants:
A legendary ring drop that increases our fury generation from Demon’s Bite randomly (RNG seems to be a common theme with our fury generation as one can tell) anywhere from 1-20 fury per each hit. It’s worth noting that fury generation improvements from legendary drops cannot be relied upon, since the drop chance on legendary items are going to be incredibly low, and even if you manage to get one, there is no guarantee it will be the Anger of the Half-Giants (which is essentially your only legendary drop that can help with fury generation).
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