Frost not dead

I have been using different gear (armor, weps, trinkets, etc) and talents the past week or so to see if frost is viable for legion. What I found with my gear testing is that the stat priority is str > crit > haste > mastery. Currently I'm at 24% crit, 18% haste, and 18% mastery.

Frost scythe is definitely the better choice for killing machine proc's. Obliterate doesn't get the job done. But if you have everything on cd, and runes to spend it's a good filler. And hopefully a free HB proc.

Initially, starting dps on a boss, I burn every dps cd except for rune empowerment. By then I can use frost strike and it seems like it's about a 40-60% chance to generate a rune. I have generated runes 5+ times in a row a couple times.

Idle time now compared to pre patch is lower. I've sat around with nothing to do like 3x during our raids recently. That pales in comparison to when I play unholy.

As for pvp, frost imo, is the only dps spec. Rune regeneration for unholy doesn't keep up with the target swapping.

My conclusion is that I will be DW'ing for Legion and it's exciting! Like to get anyone else's opinion or experience playing frost.