Every forum needs a music thread....


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This is my friend from highschool. Hes getting really big and although im not particularly a fan of his music (not my style) I do respect the shit out of his dedication to his craft.

If you like it and he is playing anywhere near you let me know i might be able to get you inf or free and shit.

Edit: BTW my friend is Paris Blohm, not Charles.


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This was one of the biggest French songs of last year. I heard it today after quite some time and have been singing it all day. Check out the dancing...get crunked!!!



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So apparently aphex twin is the above soundcloud user and he is releasing a bunch of tracks. like one every ten minutes. I normally wouldnt believe some anonymous soundcloud was aphex twin but it sounds EXACTLY like him and and if its not him then whoever is posting this music is just a genius as he is. enjoy.