DrPeek, you around?

Hey DrPeek. I wanted to chat with you about DPS rotations since you seem to be completely smoking me in overall DPS in heroic.

Let me know when you might have time to meet at a target dummy sometime!

Since coming off vacation and being back at work. Real life has been kicking my butt and I've only really been logging in for raids and even had to cut back to Tuesday/Thursday to spend more time with the family and my son. With that being said if you mail me in game or on here when you are free I can hop on again. Before raid on Tues/Thurs or weekends are best bet to get me.

I been thinking about throwing a fight by fight "guide" with talents and any tricks to generate some discussion amongst the rogues to figure out what each of us are doing/not doing that could improve our game play. Some specs fair better than others on different encounters. I only raid at assassination right now, but have sub as off-spec if need be, but I just enjoy the spec. I dislike combat even thou it is great for cleave. One of the things that helped me out a lot (aka let me be lazier) is downloading an using assassin. It tracks your dots which will improve your uptime on them and helps you prioritize abilities, but you still need to remember fight mechanics to figure out if you want to do something when. Pre-pot and pot, use 250 flask, stack/macro your cds, look at talents before fights, learn way guide kills and position yourself so that as boss/adds move you still keep the most uptime that you can (use sprint, bos, or other talents to keep uptime up), due LFR if you haven't been and target certain pieces of gear that you need.

Hopes that gives you a start, I'll gladly link up and hit some dummies some time or even chat during raid with you to discuss fight specific things I do.

Take Care,