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If you are reading this thread, you most likely are responding to the mass e-mail that was sent out today.

If not, check your spam folders.

I wanted to send this mass e-mail and start this thread to reach out to everybody to see who is coming back for Legion raiding. Roster spots may fill up so please let me know via the website if you are intending to return for Tier 19 and beyond!

Here is a tentative schedule of events leading up to the pre-patch:

Signing up and attending the roster draft is MANDATORY if you want to raid full-time in Tier 19.

That way I can complete the roster draft order and get us ready to rock and roll!


Please reply with the following if you are registering for the draft/signing up to be on the raid team for Legion:

Your Current Main's Name (No smartasses)
Current Spec/Class (That you played with during Hellfire/Majority of your time here in LA)

EDIT: This is not a commitment to a class or spec, this is just you telling me that you are committed to raiding with us in Legion, particularly Tier 19.

Preliminary Roster Draft Order will be posted when a Pre-Patch Launch date is announced.
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