[Draft Poll] Why did you choose your class?

Why did you choose your class?

  • Long time main/Loyalty

    Votes: 8 34.8%
  • Seeking a new raid role

    Votes: 2 8.7%
  • Tier 19 Gear

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Artifact Weapon

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Class Fantasy

    Votes: 10 43.5%
  • Liked the new overhaul

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • Other (specify in reply)

    Votes: 2 8.7%

  • Total voters


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Alright Legends, time to find out why you choose your specific class during the draft/grandfather clause period!


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We needed a new tank(s). Tanking is a role where you want someone reliable. I don't miss to many raids so it made sense for me to do it. Plus tanking naturally lends itself to a leadership position in the raid.

Why specifically death knight? Because they can be gnomes. Warriors and monks can as well, but James is playing warrior and i've never found monk appealing.

Vanessa Z

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We needed a new tank(s). Tanking is a role where you want someone reliable. I don't miss to many raids so it made sense for me to do it. Plus tanking naturally lends itself to a leadership position in the raid.

Why specifically death knight? Because they can be gnomes. Warriors and monks can as well, but James is playing warrior and i've never found monk appealing.
Why the gnome love?


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Why the gnome love?
I'm mostly joking. Although the idea of a gnome tanking a 3 story dragon is pretty funny.

The real reason why DK is that they tend to be the most powerful in 5 mans. The sustained healing they bring takes a lot of pressure off the healer. In Legion I would like to push Mythic+ as far as I can and so I choose the class I thought could best do that.

Vanessa Z

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Haha was curious because you don't seem like a "gnome" to me so when I saw your char for the first time I wasn't sure if you chose it for the ridiculous factor or that you really wanted one. XD


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Short answer: warriors are fucking metal.

Long answer: I've always been DPS, both ranged and melee, and feel like I kind of accomplished about all I can there, outside of pushing for high parses which I don't really care about. I haven't been feeling the rogue for a while, and since HFC progression ended, I felt drawn to the warrior, mostly because I identify so strongly with it. I'm not the human anger factory I was years ago, but I still like to kick ass and break shit (often set to a heavy metal soundtrack). I put a lot of time into Fury and really enjoyed the play style. I like the new Fury too, and even Arms is growing on me. I like the idea of being in your face and taking you head on. My take on warrior philosophy is this: "Warriors are the opposite of a stealth class. They'll give away their position. They'll scream while charging, and make it very clear what's about to happen... but it won't matter, because once they get to you, you're done. They telegraph themselves to strike fear into your heart from a distance and amplify that fear the closer they get. You'll see them coming from a mile away, and it won't matter. There's no way to stop the pain wrought by a warrior." That's how I like to play, the sort of "bring it on, let's do this" sort of mindset.

The idea of maining a tank was a relatively recent revelation. It occurred to me that I want to have more responsibility in the group, push my gameplay to a different level, and do something besides be one of a giant crowd of damage dealers. With only two tanks in a raid, my role feels very meaningful, and I get to fight the boss face to face instead of wailing on him from behind. To quote one of our favorite anti-heroes, "If ever kill you, you will be awake, you will be facing me, and you will be armed." As much as I enjoy the rogue style of appearing out of thin air, getting the job done, and vanishing without a trace, there's something even more satisfying about facing an enemy on equal terms and still coming out on top.

WoD was all about doing new things for me. I'd never raided melee before, never began and ended a tier in progression before, never been part of an AotC kill in a guild group. Tanking was the next logical step, and ever since I got that itch, I've been tanking non-stop and enjoying every minute of it. Legion will be my first time doing progression as a tank.

I'm also glad to be playing Dhoane full-time, as he was the first character I ever created in WoW, back around the time of ICC (ironically, because I was told my guild needed tanks, which turned out to not be the case). From then on he was always relegated to low priority alt status, because I always played my hunter after that. Dhoane never even reached max level in current content until late in Mists. So now I'm back to my roots, charging in and wrecking shit. Feels pretty good.


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There are many reasons why I have wanted and opted to select a Demon Hunter, but to summarize the basic points:

Illidan is my favorite character in the lore, and the opportunity to be a direct disciple of his was a WoW nerd dream come true.

I personally enjoy the game-play of the Havoc Demon Hunter, as it's not too complicated where I may be confused, but it's not painfully boring for me like the Retribution Paladin is.

I was very young when WOTLK came out and barely even realized the DK came out, and the Monk has never appealed to me greatly. The chance to be able to play a class/toon since day one of its possible existence is incredibly appealing to me.

I fully expect the Demon Hunter to be a toon that I will stick with through many expansions to come.

Metamorphosis, double-jump, glide, and other great animations.

An already really solid community for the class.
Death Knights are beasts at everything. The lore is awesome. I hope frost gets tuned a little bit because it feels choppy. I main tanked as a "gnome" from T7-T9 and was awesome running around with an axe that was dragging the ground. So, I'd like to give a shout out to my boys in Gnomergon! Haha. The game play for dk's is unlike any other class in the game and for me it's the most intriguing. I learn something new every time I play. As I have previously assisted in WoD as a tank, I will have a tank set prepped if the guild ever needs it. This will also be my last expansion, unfortunately. In the mean time, Lich's Bitches will bring the pain and suffering! So here's to Legion being everything we've ever wanted and more. DEATH TO THE LEGION!


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I am a little late because I forgot to answer this topic lol

For me, it comes down to class fantasy. I always liked the ideia of the monk and I wanted to main one since MoP, but never did so. After maining an Unholy Dk for WoD, I was very tired of the dark theme of the class and wanted something that didn't feel as heavy. I realized it was finally the time for me to main a monk.

Picking the monk ended being harder than i expected because when I made my app for LA, I decided to forget about it and try to get a ranged to fit the guild's needs. After trying a mage (favorite from class fantasy pov, but terrible gameplay for me), a elemental shaman and a balanced druid, I realized I not enjoyed any of them enough to play during an entire expansion, and I didn't want to change classes after the first tier.

I also noted that I played a lot better as melee than I did as a ranged.

I finally decided to go back to the monk after reading the Talent Development topic "Legend's style explained".

So far, it looks like I did the right choice.
Tried some other stuff but continue to really dig the Rogue. Also liking the Outlaw class fantasy and playstyle. The class feels smooth, resource management still exists and the RNG makes for exciting moments and timing of the abilities to maximize DPS.

And Pistols / Pirates are sweet. I do wish they had just replaced the offhand with a pistol for the artifact weapon though (Warhammer Witch Hunter Please).