Destiny; Raid ready!


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This is to build on what Andrich was talking about last night in TS about being raid ready in Destiny.

When he mentioned having exotics and certain weapons, there are a couple that makes things quite a bit easier...or so it would seem, as I have yet to run the raids, only watched videos and guides. Here are a couple things to aim for, if you haven't already:
-Primary Weapon: Doesn't matter too much, something you are comfortable with. It needs to have high range though, so Scout/Auto/Pulse rifles are the best. If you do get your hands on a Touch of Malice (done by collecting calcified fragments) that's a huge +1, since it is "The" raid weapon ATM...but it's more of a crutch if anything.
-Secondary Weapon: This one is kind of important. You are going to need a sniper rifle and know how to snipe. There are 3 to choose from that are really nice and people consider "raid required." One is The Hereafter (Exotic, random drop/engram), then there is Black Spindle (Exotic, requires a once a week special heroic mission to show up, pain in the ass to get but worth it), and finally, the easiest of the 3 to get, 1000-yard stare (Purple, Vanguard rep random gift or if you have any of the weapon packs from buying the game you can purchase one from the Vanguard vendor in the South Tower for 150ish Marks).
-Heavy Weapon: From what I have seen, it will vary from boss to boss, but you will want to have your sword (purple or exotic) and a nice Rocket launcher.

As for armor you want to have at least 290 light lvl and have mostly purple gear or better. For marks (armband, cloak, titan flag thing!) and artifacts, you will want ones that compliment the spec you plan on raiding with. There are some really nice Strike specific unique drops that have some great perks, but are really hard to get to drop. I have ran over 200 strikes and only seen a couple drop, and they were for a Titan.

Another thing to get into the habit of is stocking up on ammo synths, especially heavy ammo ones. You will NEED these since ammo can become and issue in the raid with wipes and whatnot (all mob ammo drops clear after a wipe).

Other than this stuffs, play a spec you enjoy, and also know its in and outs. You don't "need" a certain group comp but having certain specs makes things easier. Having a Bubble Bro with Weapons of light is nice and having a Lock with Rebirth is also a nice spec to have as a wipe saver.

I think most of the LA group are already to this point, we just need to set a raid night. Much like a Wow raid night, we are going to want to set a decent chunk of time aside for this, at least until we learn the raid.

Thanks to a lucky 320 weapon from IB I'm sitting at 299ish now. The last thing I should do is infuse my 1000 Yard Stare or get a Black Spindle. I'm on the 2nd mission part of the Sleeper chain where you have to climb a tower or something but was thinking of using a machine gun anyway.