CONTEST - Legends Anonymous Trivia Night 6-13-17


Guild Master
Greetings guildies!

In order to get back into the swing of things, we'll be hosting a unique event during our full clear raid of Nighthold next week. It's time to show us just how much you know and love the Greatest Guild in Azeroth and their quirky members by partaking in a special trivia contest hosted by Marcus and DrLegend.

The rules are simple. I will ask a question over voice chat in discord and everyone else can submit their answers in RAID chat. A reminder, only RAID chat answers will be accepted. Be sure you’re on the right channel otherwise, it can lead to you being disqualified from receiving the point. Only one answer is allowed per person/per question and there are some multiple choice questions available where multiple people can receive points. Points are determined on a per question basis weighted by its difficulty and at the end of the raid, whoever has the most points will be declared the winner and receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Runners up will receive codes for transmog items from our very own Blizzard store.

I know we've got some new people here that may feel a little intimidated but fear not friends, all of the questions that I will be asking will either be opinion-based or publicly known (ie: you can find the answers if you check out our guild YouTuibe page, photo albums, or the Guild Documentary). Some of our most seasoned members may need to brush up on their knowledge as well.

Helpful links:
Legends Anonymous YouTube:
Guild Documentary:
Blizzcon 2015 Photo Album:
Blizzcon 2016 Photo Album:

Good luck and we hope to see you all there!