BlizzCon 2017...?


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Greetings Guildies,

The wake of BlizzCon 2016 is now well behind us. We have returned to our normal lives leaving the memories of our grand adventure in a time I'm sure we wish we could all return to. It was a pleasure meeting some new faces and an honor to share some great times with old friends from last year.

After speaking with those lucky enough to be in attendance, I noticed a similar theme amongst your thoughts and reviews of the trip. While the time we shared as a guild was phenomenal, the convention itself felt almost as if it were an afterthought. Whether that was because we had that much fun or the convention being lackluster it is a matter of opinion.

Talks of attending next year's convention began even before this year's had finished. After weighing out our options, we wanted to ask you guys directly for your thoughts. I know it's a lot earlier than we normally begin these discussions but with the holidays coming up and time being fleeting, we wanted to make sure we had ample room to prepare for the events to come.

So I ask unto you great members of Legends Anonymous, do you wish to attend BlizzCon 2017 for our third consecutive year or would you rather plan out another different guild meetup/get together?

Don't be afraid to voice your opinions. We are opening up the conversation to further gauge interest from those that attended and those that may wish to attend next year. This isn't a poll and we're not taking a vote on what to do (ie: This isn't a Democracy @Phailure ). We're looking to see what you guys think about it and coming up with some potential ideas to make next year's meetup one for the record books.

Personally, I wouldn't mind attending BlizzCon again in 2017. I really enjoy the convention, the atmosphere, and all of the fun stuff there is to do & buy. However, I feel like we've had a great time without spending as much money if we held our meetup around a similar time frame where we can watch the Virtual Ticket together as a guild while having more fun things/events to do together.

If we decide as a guild to hold a meetup away from the convention, where would you guys like to go? What areas have good weather, are affordable to stay in, and (most importantly) have enough room to contain our collective awesome stature?

BlizzCon or not, Legends Anonymous will return and meet again in 2017. The convention is a great backdrop and grounds to hang out but it won't stop us from sharing another great vacation with everyone.


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To be honest, attending the con was a bit of an afterthought for me as well. I would've liked to go, but at the same time, I wasn't too disappointed that I couldn't, because I'm only really interested in the WoW stuff anyway and spending time with the guild appeals to me a lot more, especially with how little actual WoW stuff there is at BlizzCon now that Blizzard is so much bigger than just the one game I play. I think a shared Virtual Ticket in a cool venue (rented out movie theater? another house with big screen TV and ballin' sound system?) with all of us having a big party would do just as well if not better. Some have mentioned Vegas, which I'm indifferent to, but I like the idea - spending time together is really the best part of all of this. It's cheaper, sure, but we can also take more time to see the sights and enjoy our vacations without feeling compelled to spend the entire weekend at the convention center. Plus, with the Virtual Ticket, we can re-watch any panels we missed whenever we feel like it. (I know technically we had that option with the actual tickets too, but there was no point since everyone saw them in person.)

I don't know what our ideal destination is; maybe somewhere more central or on the east coast. Could even come back to California but a little farther north in LA, maybe in Santa Clarita near Six Flags. Loads of different options. But I'm totally down to skip the con next year and make the trip all about the guild with Virtual Ticket viewing parties just being one of many things that we end up doing.


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I concur with Serrene. I've been to 3 Blizzcon so my opinion is based partially on that. Blizzcon 2016 was the worst Blizzcon I've ever attended and I've paid for and additional virtual ticket. $200 is not a drop in the hat. With WoW being the guilds game of choice, I feel that a virtual ticket viewing party would suffice in a rented home in an area with activities. Hell, the activities we participated in at home were just as if not more enjoyable than any theme park.

My thoughts are let's find an area we are all willing to travel to, rent a home, and split a $40 virtual ticket to watch the con while spending g some great times with our family, the guild.


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For what it's worth, the last several years I've "attended" BlizzCon with just the Virtual Ticket, and felt like I didn't miss out on anything by not physically being there. It's a high quality stream with almost every panel available live or VOD. And most if not all of the merch can be bought online.


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Honestly, the stuff I really loved from the Con was all of the merch. I wouldn't be able to get "everything" the day of but that means I would just have to buy it virtually and wait for it a few days later.

However, getting all of those free shirts/posters and meeting some cool Blizzard employees was a huge plus. I feel like there were some parts that people just put as an afterthought and didn't experience the con for 100% of what it is and instead, took it for what was on the initial surface (which the Virtual Ticket covers).


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As cool as it was to get a free shirt and a few posters, the ticket cost isn't quite worth it. I could've bought the virtual ticket and all the stuff I got for free and still had some cash to spend on some blow.


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While I agree that the con itself was an afterthought, my vote would still be Blizzcon. Being in the atmosphere, particularly the Hilton parties, with thousands of same-minded people isn't something that will be replicated anywhere else. Going and talking to strangers and meeting people was amazing. Friday night was definitely one of the top experiences of the year for me. That being said, if all you inside kids want to go and venture out somewhere else I'm probably going to be in either way.
Las Vegas Hookers and Blow! No really you can get houses 2 miles from strip that sleep 15+ for less than 5k for 7 nights so 333 a person divided 15 ways. Flights are generally inexpensive to Vegas plus the airport is literally on the strip or may as well be so Taxi or Uber to house would be cheap so we wouldn't need to worry with a rental car. Eating out in Vegas is pretty cheap we only would need basics from store maybe breakfast foods and bottle water soft drinks etc. I may be overlooking stuff but I think LA taking on LV would be epic plenty of time to iron out details and look at other options.


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I think Hayden makes a really good point. I mean, when you think about it, half of the stories we have to tell were the crazy shit we were doing while at the convention or with the convention goers.

BlizzCon 2016 had a disappointing feel to it with the weak Diablo announcement and not much else with the exception of a few other things but I'm sure next year will be bigger with the Overwatch League in full swing and a new expansion ready to be revealed.


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I'm totally down for another Blizzcon, though I am a Blizzard fan boy, so there's that. While this year didn't have an epic Wow xpac reveal, I still nerd'ed out on what we were shown (not just Wow stuff). That being said, Universal was a fucking blast....and don't even get me started on Wednesday and Thursday! We will have fun no matter what/where we go/do. As it stands, and going back to what Legend has mentioned already, most of us are at the point that if we got a call from someone else in the guild and they said they would be close to where you live, people would make an effort to go visit and hang out (I know I'm assuming, but I think most people would say the same thing!)

Getting to actual trips and what-not, I would like to see the North-East. We have quite a few people that live in the Midwest/North/East/Canada; so we could get a solid chunk of people. In the end though, it doesn't matter where we go, I love to travel and site see, and doing it with you nerds would add to the fun. There will always be those few people that are going to have to travel a long ways no matter where we go, but as long as its planned 6+ months in advance, that should give everyone equal opportunity. 2015 Blizzcon was fun and I did my best to save vacation time for a potential Blizzcon 2016. After this years, I am actively setting aside a week for whatever we plan in 2017. I'm all for visiting you nerds once or twice a year, granted I am just speaking for myself here, but just from what people have said in Discord and even here, we all feel similar in that aspect.
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