Sticky Blizzcon 2017 - Easily Offended Edition


Guild Master
Alright guys! The war began last night and Legends Anonymous succeeded where thousands upon thousands did not. We set a record this year with an unprecedented 10 tickets being acquired by our guildies. I'd also like to take this time to personally thank @Phailure for helping us acquire 4 tickets despite being unable to go himself. Please show him your gratitude because if Twitter is any indication, getting those tickets is no easy feat.

Based on our preliminary data, here is the list of guildies that we have that indicated they will be attending (in order of confirmation):

1) DrLegend
2) Quetzal (Moshi-Moshi/Legend's wife)
3) Marcus
4) Granmumper
5) Andrastie
6) Festo
7) Noble
8) Nova
9) Fuccboi
10) Shekoda
11) Zelgadys

Here are the guildies that are in the maybe/waiting list:

12) Andrich
13) Barkers
14) Manastorm
15) Frozenturkey

Based on our current accommodations, we only have room for 2 more guaranteed spots in the current home (which may be subject to change depending on interest).

Saturday is the last chance to score tickets guys. We only need 1-5 more so potentially, only 1 guildie needs to get to the front of the queue in order for Legends Anonymous to make their presence known for the 3rd year in a row.

All great stories end in a trilogy, but LA is a not just a story... We're a FRANCHISE!

Thank you everyone for all of your help! Let's make this year the best of them all!!