Black Spindle exotic wep


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@Smashbox @Andrich @Criticool Only people I know that are 40 ATM.

Today's Daily Heroic Mission has a "secret" side mission in it that rewards an Exotic Sniper Rifle called the Black Spindle. It's rather intense and you NEED a group to do it. Here is a guide if you guys want to hit it up this evening. So far, this mission pops about once a week, so if you miss it, it will return. You will want a min of 240 light lvl, but the higher, the better. Also, swords are pretty handy but not required

Let me know if you guys want to give it a try, if not, I'm going to hit up a LFG site.


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I'm down if I'm online tonight, I've seen a couple of videos of people doing this over the past week, seems pretty crazy.
I would be down if i'm online, this weapon is almost a requirement for raiding. not to mention overall the best sniper rifle in the game
Just saw the light level requirement; I'm in the 220s now. Xur is selling Hereafters, which would be kind of a waste since the Spindle is quite a bit better, but I think it may put me pretty near to 240.


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Best way to farm for gear is to chain Strikes. Joining the matchmaking system and staying in it increases loot drops, topping out after 3 strikes. It doesn't matter whether you do normals or heroics since engrams decrypt based off your current equipped light lvl at the time of decryption. A good habit to get into is decrypt and equip, if its an upgrade, one engram at a time. Yes it is tedious, but you get more bang for your buck in the long run. I have a full set of purples I run with, but when I decrypt, I have some blues with a higher light lvl that I will equip, just to cheese the numbers.

Also, this mission is intense, supposedly the hardest thing in TTK so far. While having the minimum light lvl is important, execution seems to be more crucial to the missions success. It's gone for this week, but it will return. Another week for all you fresh 40s to catch up will help a bunch.
most groups looking for this, are requiring min 299 light level, which i think is a little absurd, but then again you have people only taking 300+ into the new raid and people that only have certain weapons and the emblem from completing the raid prior.


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Black Spindle mission is back again, today. Looks like most of us are in the 290 light lvl, so it shoudl be somewhat easy. We should try to get something going tonight!