Barn Guide: 6-12K Gold in 1 Hour

  1. Get to lvl 3
  2. Go farm Boars by the Nok spawn point in Frostfire Ridge
  3. Trap tons of Boars. With the trap CD (which is longer than it takes to get a boar to 50% and trap it), you'll get 120 trapped boars in 1 hour.
  4. Go to your Barn
  5. Put in work orders. Without buildings that buff the work order cap, you can put in 14 at a time.
  6. 56 hours later (2.33 days) you will have 14 Savage Feasts. These are selling between 100-125g on average. That's 1,400g for 14 of the 120 trapped boars.
Math time.a
  • Time to collect 120 boars = 1 hour
  • Time to get to and back from Frostfire Ridge spot = 5 minutes (SEE BELOW HOW TO GET THERE FAST)
  • Time to put work orders in barn (maybe a minute for all of them)
  • Time for 14 work orders to be completed = 56 hours
So it takes 56 hours to actually have the feasts in your bags, BUT as you can see it only takes about 1 hour and 6 minutes to farm, travel & place the work orders/loot them.

1 FEAST = 100G
120 FEASTS (1 per boar) = 12,000g
Time spent = 1 hour 7 minutes
So you spend an hour and 7 minutes farming n placing orders, and then you get 12,000g (in feasts) distributed over the course of 20 days. Considering prices will drop, it might be more like 6,000-9,000g total made because of inflation.

HOWEVER, 6k-9k gold for 1 hour of playing & 20 days of automated garrison work orders is pretty darn good. Hope this helps.

To get here fast, head to the Premade Groups Finder & join a Nok group. Keep queueing for these until you get invited to a group THAT HAS A WARLOCK. Ask for a summon, get summoned. If you are facing Nok's spawn point, the boars are just to the right & pretty much are never being farmed.

Enjoy :)

Get it below 50% health, place Advanced Iron Trap & have it run over it. Use a slow and then make it so the trap is in between you and the boar. If you don't have a slow, any root, stun etc will work.