8/8 Gold Group


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Hey guys,

I'm looking to put together an 8/8 CM Group for them hot transmog pieces. I will be tanking so we will need some dps and a heal.

What we need:
1) A Cleaver DPS such as an Enhance Shaman/Combat Rogue type class.
2) A lust
3) A Druid healer would be awesome but any will do.

Please post if you're interested! I really want that tmog for Legion!
Zel, myself, Andrich (maybe if I remember correctly) and several others have been interested ever since before we downed blackhand, I was selling challenge modes in mop but these are harder. If we could get an a team then count me in, Id be down to do them over Thanksgiving and Christmas break, Ill have a lot of time.


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I've tanked and DPS MOP CMs and have already ran all these CMs at the beginning of the xpac for the daily 640 item. I have mostly Silver/Bronze but that was when we were all fresh 100. So I can tank them no doubt and I'm off Monday-Thursday every week so I have a lot of time.