5k Contest - Win Battle.Net Cash


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Alright as part of the weight loss contest y'all need to run! For every person that throws a Strava 5k time under 29:00 I will throw $10 in a raffle to be given away at Blizzcon. I will consider 3.11 miles as an official entry (technically less than that, so whatever your app tells you). I will accept 1.5 entries per person, meaning if you run 3 under 29:00 you get 2 entries. (Still one $10 reward per person)

You do not need to be at Blizzcon for this toapy to you. If anyone can beat my PR by the time Blizzcon comes I'll throw in an extra $25. Current personal record is 25:21, but I will update.

If you prefer money over Bnet cash I can make amends.
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Really your gonna make my big ass run.... I'll probably start posting times in a few months. I need time to get back into running like that. You poop sock!


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Flash challenge: Anyone who completes a 5k this week (any amount of time for 3.11 miles) will get entered into a raffle for an armband case for your phone. Just reply here or in the weight loss channel and tag me.