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  1. Andrich

    Legion Availability Thread!

    Hey guys! With the launch of Legion drawing near and our roster being as large as it is I thought it might be a good idea to make a thread for people to link up for leveling/dungeons/whatever during the first couple of weeks. Drop a post here with your schedule/desired leveling method.
  2. Andrich

    Best music in gaming!

    Post your favorite music from gaming! (thanks for the idea @Fishwater)
  3. Andrich

    Guild Game Night 2.0

    There's been a lot of interest in Heroes of the Storm on TS lately, so I figured I would see what time works best for everyone to login and play together. Leave a suggestion for other games too! If we get enough interest, we could definitely make this a weekly thing. EDIT: Changed the poll so...
  4. Andrich

    Movie Thread!

    Post your favorite movies! I couldn't really pick one, so I went with the two I've watched the most recently.
  5. Andrich

    Sticky Raid Combat Logs

    I'm going to be uploading our combat logs to Warcraft Logs so that we can parse them, I'll reply to this post with each night's log.
  6. Andrich

    Guild Game Night!

    We had a discussion in TS tonight about having a guild game night where we play games other than WoW, people seemed pretty interested in the idea so I threw this thread up to see what everyone would be interested in trying. The options in the poll are just some ideas to get things rolling, if...
  7. Andrich

    Quick Boss Guides

    Found these on Reddit, with the confusion on Ko'ragh tonight they seemed like they would be helpful. Kargath Bladefist
  8. Andrich


  9. Andrich


    What's up fellas? My names Jake, but most of you know me as Andrich. I've been playing WoW since Vanilla, started healing in Wrath and haven't really stopped since. I live in Indiana at the moment, where I work and go to school. Looking forward to smashing WoD with you guys!
  10. Andrich

    Garrison Breakdown

    Another wowhead guide, this time for Garrisons. Breaks down which buildings serve what purpose and what kind of benefits you can expect to gain from working on it.
  11. Andrich

    WoD Gearing Guide

    Wowhead put this up a few days ago, should be pretty handy in the coming weeks.
  12. Andrich

    Monk'eying Around - Monk Resource Compendium (Updated 6/20)

    Updated 6/20/15 - General Knowledge - (each podcast focuses on a specific spec) (Monkioh of Midwinter maintains the guide for Mistweavers on MMO-C. It's...