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    EN Encounter Notes - Sept 21

    Hi, The below are my notes for the first 4 encounters in Emerald Nightmare. I will be posting them during raid using the Angry Assignments addon. Note: Only normal mode mechanics are included as per wowhead. Some of the mechanics you saw in...
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    Test Post Please Ignore

    testing something...
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    Legion Tips and Tricks

    Sup Guildies, Over the last month I have spent a considerable amount of time playing my DK on beta. I've gone through the process of leveling him and getting him most of the way prepared for raids. I thought I would share some tips and other random tidbits of information I've picked up during...
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    Blizzcon Tickets Distribution

    Sup Legends, The first availability of Blizzcon tickets is fast approaching on April 20th. While we will be trying to get as many tickets as possible it would be nice to have a rough idea of how many we will need. If you planning on going or still considering it please post in this thread and...
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    Alt Runs

    Greetings Guildies, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the status of our alt runs. After the stress and hours of wiping during our march to defeat Heroic Archimonde the alt runs are meant to be a stress free and relaxing activity to do while shooting the shit on TeamSpeak. They provide an...
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    Schedule - Tuesday September 22

    After some discussion we are setting the tentative schedule for this week as follows: Tuesday – Heroic Archimonde Wednesday – Iskar - Mannnoroth Thursday – Heroic Archimonde Why have we chosen this schedule? Based on last week and our read on the general feeling of the raid we think that...
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    Archimonde - Sep. 17

    Everyone should be fully enchanted and gemmed before the raid tonight. Gems and enchants make a real difference in are dps and healing. At this point in our progression we should be doing every little thing we can do squeeze the most out of our characters. Anyone not gemmed and enchanted will...
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    Schedule for next week

    I know there will be some debate on how to approach next week given how well we did on Archimonde last night. We've given it some thought and here is the proposed schedule we will run next week. Tuesday: Heroic Iskar – Mannoroth Wednesday: Heroic Archimonde attempts Thursday: Tentative Normal...
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    Heroic Archimonde Strategy Discussion

    I thought I would open a thread to have a collaborative discussion on tweaks we can make to our strategy and execution on Heroic Archimonde. I like to start out by saying I felt we did extremely well last night. Even though we didn't get the kill we were all hoping for we made significant...
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    LA in a post HFC world

    Greetings Legends, With Heroic Archimonde now is our sights we would like to take some time to answer some of the questions you may have about what will happen following his inevitable demise. This post is focused on the period between now and the release of Legion. How the guild will...
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    I spent some time doing some research on Socrethar today and believe I understand what our issue was last week. While the single phase 2 strategy is still doable it requires very high DPS and is generally considered more difficult since the hotfixes to gift last month. Our main issue last week...
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    Few scraps of information

    This reddit thread below links to a pre-expansion post which gets a few of the details pretty spot on. His post is a tad generic for me to be 100% sold he had leaked information but he did nail the cinematic. Anyways, this post is interesting because in addition to the predictions we can now...
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    All, For Archimonde we will be using the strategy used in the Fatboss guide. This is a long and very complicated fight with an insane amount of abilities that switch in and out as he moved between phases. We will learn the boss one phase at a time. By that mean we will practice phase one until...
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    I leaving for vacation on Thursday(July 9th)1 and will miss that raid as well as the raids next week (July 14,15,16). Kill lots of shit while I am away.
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    05/19 - Challenge of the Week(LA COW)

    Busy day at work so we get a lazy challenge this week. This weeks challenge will be a full guild challenge. If completed we will /roll 1000 and the winner will receive a WOW Token (the gold to buy it more accurately). Without further ado this weeks challenge: One hitter quitter: Defeat 9 of 10...
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    Legends Anonymous Challenge of the Week(LA COW)

    Greeting Legends, With farm time upon us your guild council is happy to announce the introduction of "Legends Anonymous Challenge of the Week", or "LA COW" for short. The intent of these challenges is to provide some fun and light hearted inter-guild competition to take some of the monotony out...
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    Blizzon Con Nov 6-7
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    BRF - Feb 3rd

    Can't wait!
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    Tectus Weak Aura

    Crystalline Barrage...