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  1. Bruigaar

    Playing other games for awhile

    I will still be around and jumping into TS every once and a while but I am mostly gonna be playing some Arma 3. If you would like to hit me up on Steam my ID is Nimortum (the one with the pig Icon).
  2. Bruigaar

    Arma 3

    A friend and I just started playing on some Arma 3 Epoch servers. We plan on base building and running amuck. If anyone wants to join just let me know. For those that don't know what Arma 3 Epoch is. The Arma game series is a military sim 1st/3rd person shooter that try's to get as much realism...
  3. Bruigaar

    Read and Unread forum threads

    Maybe its a setting but it does not seem to be marking forum threads as read or unread. When the forum starts getting busier it would help if that was implimented or turned on in settings by default.
  4. Bruigaar

    Civ 5 Multiplayer

    Hey if anyone is interested in getting a Civ 5 game together let me know. The map type and size will be determined by how many people wanna get in. But for play sessions I was thinking 1 night a week for 3-4 hours then saving and continuing the next week. We would have turn timers and we would...
  5. Bruigaar

    Looking for Casuals

    Since I am not rushing through WoD like many of the guild, I am looking for others that are not taking off work and are only gonna play a marginal amount. Let me know so we can group when we can.
  6. Bruigaar


    Hello you might know me in game as Bruigaar. My real name is Hal. I hail from Sarasota Florida. I am 39 years of age going on 12. I am glad to have followed Andrich and Muggzort here because so far you all seem like stand up people (Scary but stand up). Other character names you may find me on...